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As we’ve been often asked for the largest restaurants that Tallinn has to offer for gala dinners or receptions, we have gathered some information and would like to share it with you. Please see below, pick your favourite one and book directly!

MERINEITSI – which translates to “Mermaid”

This is the largest restaurant in Tallinn that sits in a hotel and Estonia’s first dining experience restaurant known as a “show & dinner” restaurant. Merineitsi is located in Tallinn’s Original Sokos Hotel Viru hotel and can seat an impressive 350 people. Cinematic projection screens make this restaurant perfect for showcasing products, conference meals, dance nights, high end receptions and beneficiaries with a stage excellent for hosting cabaret shows and concerts to name but a few.

The stage is particularly useful for the “show & dinner” experiences offered by the restaurant, the entertainment is of course accompanied by gourmet meals. Merineitsi run Cabaret shows on Fridays and Saturdays from October to April with a set programme for the evening.

Furthermore, as a hotel restaurant Merineitsi is flexible in its layout, swiftly switching from a pop-up restaurant to entertainment venue or breakfast room for the hotel guests as needed.


Senso is another elegant hotel restaurant, with a cosy atmosphere and Mediterranean inspired dishes. Located on the second floor of the Radisson Blu hotel Olümpia, Senso focusses on the quality of the ingredients to create wonderful dishes prepared with great love and care. The menu includes dishes made from local ingredients, showcasing the authentic tastes of Estonia.

With two banquet halls as well as the main restaurant area, the total seating capacity of Senso is 400 people. Each area has a distinct layout, making this the perfect spot for any kind of event. The Senso banquet hall is great for formal events and parties such as wedding receptions, family or business gatherings and Christmas parties. The Zeta banquet hall is great for smaller or more private events, as the room is tucked away from the main restaurant area. Dining arrangements can be modified and tailored according to the event or needs of the client.


The restaurant MEKK belongs to Radisson Collection Hotel Tallinn, which opened its doors in May 2022. Open all day, our Estonian-inspired menu offers fresh and seasonal local ingredients prepared by skilled chefs. Mekk seats 230 people for dining or 290 people when including the bar area.


In the heart of Tallinn lies Nordic Hotel Forum, with a restaurant by the name of Nomel on the first floor, well lit and elegant in style. With a modern and technically advanced interior, this restaurant is one of the best options for flexibility and a wide range of catering needs such as conference lunches, banquets, formal events, and galas.

For a standing event Nomel caters for 400 people and 200 for a seated event. For a private event, sliding doors allow for separation from the restaurant, zoning off a separate room featuring a fireplace and seating for 40 people.

In terms of health and safety, Genano mobile air purifiers have been installed into the newly renovated restaurant, with a 99.9% effectiveness for clearing bacteria and viruses.

The benefit of a central location as well as the modern interior, air purifiers, multifunctionality and technological advancements paired with excellent food and service make this one of the trendiest restaurants for hosting events in Tallinn.


Tallink City Hotel opened a modern grill restaurant by the name of City Grill House only recently in the summer of 2021. Head chef Anatolijs Pimanovs and his team have designed an original menu with dishes cooked on the grill, offering all grill lovers a true experience of tastes and flavours. Along with an emphasis placed on sourcing high quality ingredients, the chefs focus on bringing out authentic flavour through their cooking methods, each dish hot off the grill. With an open kitchen, guests can witness the grill master prepare deeply flavoured meat on a Mibrasa chargrill. The meat can be served at any temperature accompanied with a huge selection of side dishes, sauces, dips and seasonings.

However, the grill isn’t exclusively reserved for steak. The restaurant offers fish, shellfish, plant-based meals, vegetables, and desserts. The key words to describe City Grill House are flexibility and compatibility – making ordering to your needs and wishes, amendments, shared plates and a mutual experience very much encouraged and easy to do.

City Grill House stretches over two floors, with a total of 228 seats and the flexibility to adapt the space for different events. The two floors can be used in creative ways and if needed a stage can be built.


Nero is situated in Tallinn’s Tallink Spa & Conference hotel, on the first floor. The hotel was renovated in 2019 and Nero’s interior designed by a well-known finish company – dSign Vertti Kivi & Co inspired by the traditional Scandinavian style. The restaurant features light walls with natural wooden floors and the abundant use of stone, with decorative patterns and tones inspired by our deep northern forests. Nero seats 175 people and is flexible in terms of moving around furniture and adjusting the layout for receptions, weddings, corporate events and more. A modern sound and video system, stage and dance floor make this restaurant all the better for celebratory events. Head chef Virgo Lillepool has designed an A la carte menu featuring dishes special to Nero while running a tactful team who are able to provide guests with delightful and new experiences for the tastebuds.


A warm welcome awaits you at The Able Butcher, the signature grill house on the second floor of the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel! The Able Butcher is the destination for culinary artistry – an engaging space where specialty grilled meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are paired with the finest wines. A place where all guests are treated to an exciting gastronomic experience that will linger in their minds long after they’ve left.

The Able Butcher primarily offers a large selection of meat dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. The meat originates from different places in the world – America, Spain and Estonia. The open kitchen offers a spectacle where skilled chefs prepare mouth-watering meals according to the diner’s wishes. Executive Chef Fabrizio Righetti offers a menu using seasonal produce, inspired by pure flavors and the best quality. The Able Butcher’s wine selection is diverse, the wine room at the entrance of the restaurant is a testament to the firm commitment to quality wines. The bar also plays an important role in The Able Butcher restaurant, where the entire cocktail menu is inspired by international flavors. In the summer, guests can bathe in the sun on the restaurant’s terrace and enjoy a special menu.

Capacity: 150 guests


Restaurant Roof, situated on the 6th floor of Mövenpick Hotel Tallinn focuses on Mediterranean inspired fine dining style dishes and good quality wine, within a cosy atmosphere.

The team at Roof have been able to create a Mediterranean style atmosphere through the shared experience of dining in the company of family, friends and loved ones, a long-standing culinary tradition within the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet is associated with good health, which is why the team at Roof focus on dishes made with fresh good quality ingredients for dining parties to share with each other.

You will always find a great atmosphere, good customer service and a brilliant view at Roof, making it a nice place to host larger gatherings. The seating capacity at Roof is 132 (comfortably) or 140 with additional seating.


When needing to seat a large group of people, it’s easy to contact hotels here in Tallinn and rent out their conference rooms for banquets and dinners. Another option would be to rent out an unique venue and hire a separate catering service. The most popular spaces for dining and events here in Tallinn are the Seaplane harbour, Tallinn Creative Hub, Fotografiska (Photography art museum) and Noblessner’s Foundry.


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager