Estonia is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a wealth of outdoor activities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the country’s stunning landscapes. Whether you prefer hiking through pristine national parks, embarking on a cycling adventure, or engaging in thrilling water sports, Estonia has something for everyone. As one of the smallest nations in Europe, visitors don’t have to choose between city and nature; they can experience both in a short time. With a population of just 1.3 million spread over a territory larger than the Netherlands, and 70 percent covered by forests and bogs, Estonia is small and hassle-free.

Wanderlust.ee organises team-building activities and memorable travel experiences for team events in the wilderness all over Estonia. Here are our best picks of authentic and Instagrammable outdoor activities in Estonia to impress each and every visitor who experiences them.

Bogshoe hike

Bog-shoeing in Estonia is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. In Estonia, natural areas are always within reach, and among the most enchanting are the ancient peat bogs scattered across the landscape. These unique ecosystems are ideally explored through bog-walking tours, which require no special physical training or equipment. You can traverse these protected areas on wooden plank trails or by wearing specially designed “bog shoes” that allow you to walk on top of the moss. The beauty of this activity is its flexibility—you can choose to explore for as little as 20 minutes or as long as 7 hours. Guides will share fascinating stories about the life and heritage of the bogs. Bog walking is available year-round in Estonia. Just as nature shifts its colors, the bogs change their hues with the seasons. During the right season, you can even pick wild cranberries right under your feet. From a watchtower, enjoy a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the landscape.

Pop-up forest restaurant

For a truly unique experience, combine Estonia’s best – breathtaking natural landscapes, authentic outdoor adventures and rustic (yet extremely tasty!)  dishes. There is nothing quite as refreshing as being able to enjoy locally-sourced high-quality meals in the comfort of the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

Start off with selecting a hike or outdoor activity of your choosing – we suggest bog walking, bushwalking, canoeing, fat bike riding or kayaking – and let our experienced partners take care of the rest! The pop-up team will set up an outdoor restaurant at any prepared campfire site near the adventure path you choose, even if it’s deep in the woods. The experience is served in a beautiful natural setting and cooked right in front of your eyes on a live fire. Depending on the experience you wish, even a head chef can be organised to prepare the meals and share stories about the dishes.

Eco-Hiking and Clean-Up Experience with a Biologist

This activity is ideal for teams looking to contribute to a cleaner environment while gaining a deeper appreciation for the natural world.. Guided by a knowledgeable biologist, this activity involves hiking through Estonia’s scenic trails while participating in a trash clean-up initiative. This hands-on experience not only helps beautify the natural landscape but also educates participants about local ecosystems and the importance of waste management. It’s a perfect blend of team-building, education, and environmental stewardship, suitable for any MICE group visiting Estonia.

Crafting birdhouses and insect hotels

Crafting birdhouses and insect hotels plays a vital role in enhancing biodiversity within local community gardens and parks. In Estonia, birdhouses are crucial habitats for nearly 30 species of birds, along with various other animals and insects. These structures not only provide shelter but also offer food storage solutions during the winter months. Insect hotels, on the other hand, create necessary habitats for key species that are essential pollinators for plants. These accommodations support the hibernation, reproduction, and sheltering of insects, thereby aiding in maintaining the balance of local ecosystems.

Wilderness survival workshop

The Wilderness Survival Skills Workshop offers an engaging opportunity to develop essential survival techniques through expert-led training. Participants gain hands-on experience in fire-making, natural navigation, shelter building, foraging for food, and water collection. These skills enhance problem-solving and teamwork abilities under challenging conditions. Tailored to fit various schedules, the workshop duration ranges from 2 to 5 hours, with pricing adjusted according to location, group size, and selected services. Additional activities like hiking, bog-shoeing, or nature games can be integrated to enrich the experience.Ideal for fostering cooperation and adventure, this workshop strengthens team bonds and leadership skills in a natural setting.

Electrical fatbike tours

Electric fatbike tours offer an exciting escape from routine by injecting adrenaline into the experience. These tours utilize electric fatbikes, which assist riders in pedaling, climbing, and crossing more challenging terrains. This feature helps to synchronize the group’s speed, ensuring an enjoyable ride for all participants while providing an adrenaline boost. The tours typically last for 1-3 hours.Trails of varying difficulty are available across Estonia, making the tours accessible year-round. To enhance the experience, catering options such as a “pop-up forest restaurant” or a “hiker’s meal” are provided after the trek.

 SUP / Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adventure

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a water sport that originated in Hawaii and has gained global popularity, including in Estonia. This activity offers a memorable experience in nature, accessible to all ages. It’s a simple and fun way to add activity to your day without the need for special skills or training. Typically conducted on calm waters, SUP is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. Participants enjoy tranquil paddling in instructor-led sessions, suitable for beginners and offered in diverse natural settings across Estonia. These adventures take place on various water bodies, including seas, lakes, rivers, and quarries. Paddling along the scenic Pirita River in Tallinn stands out as a special experience, while SUP hikes in a bog at sunrise or sunset provide a breathtaking view of natural beauty.

Kayak Hike

Embark on an exhilarating Kayak Hike Adventure! Novices eager to learn new skills can enjoy tranquil waters, while experienced paddlers may seek the thrill of rapids. Participants glide across serene lakes, navigate through flowing rivers, or challenge themselves in the dynamic environment of a man-made quarry. This wide range of settings not only enhances the kayaking experience but also caters to both beginners and seasoned kayakers looking for a refreshing escape in the beautiful landscapes around Tallinn.

Outdoor mobile game in the nature or in the city

Choose an outdoors mobile game for your next team event if, in addition to physical activity, you also like to challenge your brain or test your smartness. Strive towards a common goal while playing a fun team game which will be remembered with humorous photos and videos. Outdoors mobile game in the Loquiz application can be played anywhere in Estonia. Wanderlust offers two different games “Tougher than an hero” and “Back to the Future” games.


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager