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Go Wild – Top Incentive And Social Programme Ideas In Estonia

Sometimes a complete change of scene is just what you need. Thanks to the fact that everything is so close to everything else in Estonia, shifting from work to fun mode takes no time at all. You can start the day with meetings in an ultramodern conference centre and by the afternoon you could be dressed as a monk, racing through cobblestone streets on a medieval-themed treasure hunt. Or you could jump on a bus and after a few minutes you’re embarking on a jeep safari or getting ready to board a yacht for a coastal cruise. Where you’ll be 30 minutes after that, who knows? Check out our selection of best incentive ideas and social programmes in Estonia!

Adventures in Bog Walking

Estonia’s peat bogs are a must-see for nature lovers. Walking in swamps and bogs in bogshoes is exotic, environmentally friendly and, of course, practical. Guided bogshoe hikes help you learn many new and fascinating facts about the nature, origin, flora and fauna of swamps. If you can manage a good walk, you can manage a bog shoeing tour.


Off-Road Orienteering in Old-School Military Vehicles

Your engines will be revving in a former Soviet Army practice ground turned nature reserve where the roads are abandoned, unmaintained and often very poor – in other words, perfect for this adventure. Trip leaders will provide some initial guidance, but it’ll be up to you to drive these 5-seat UAZ jeeps in the convoy. The track features exciting off-road challenges as well as picturesque natural sites. There will be stops to enjoy fabulous bog and lake views – a perfect opportunity to change drivers. At one point, the group reaches an official off-road site where you can test your off-road skills and take the jeeps to their limit. A hearty picnic at a beautiful campsite will be made available at your request.


Star Leather Designer Helps You Make a Souvenir

Stella Soomlais is famous Estonian designer who has a passion to leather craft. Stella is driven by inventing and always up for designing something new and unique. Through the workshops she shares her love for the work with leather. Leather workshops are about having a great time with your colleagues or friends. Design and create something unique and beautiful. Studio offers leather workshops where you can make leather wristbands, watch straps, key holders and other accessories. If you are person who likes creating something with you own hands then it is a perfect place for you and Stella’s team is here to help you. This is also a great social  activity for conferences and incentive groups. Workshops are taking place in Stella Soomlais Studio in Telliskivi, Tallinn.


Fun, Back-to-the-USSR-Style Transfer

During this program you have a chance to travel back in time and experience the Soviet-era related history of Estonia. Militias, KGB, arrests, old soviet bus, propaganda, vodka shots and so on. While touring on an authentic Soviet bus lead by a militia, the participants will hear stories and see nostalgic landmarks that are still remaining from the Soviet time. The group will be tested out if they are good enough to survive and become KGB agents.


Marzipan Painting: Art at its Most Delicious

Marzipan has a long and sweet history in Tallinn that goes back to the heyday of the Hanseatic League – like the German City of Lübeck, Tallinn is also well known for its marzipan. Whereas up until 17th century the sweet almond paste was considered a medicine and sold by the Town Hall Pharmacy, nowadays it’s a popular treat that gives guests the opportunity to practice true craftsmanship. In this workshop, you will learn about marzipan and its making and see how the real masters ply their craft. Even more, you’ll become a craftsman yourself, sculpting, colouring and painting your own small figurine. Besides being fun, it also tastes fantastic.


Hipster Special: Street Art Workshop & Craft Beer Tasting

For the hippest of the hip, Tallinn’s borders start and end in Kalamaja. Over the last decade, this quiet residential and factory district beyond the railway station has become the preferred hangout of the city’s young, artsy set. Visitors love it for its innovative, offbeat cafés, restaurants and galleries, not to mention the the rows of picturesque, late-19th and early 20th century wooden houses that line its narrow streets. Combine the visit with street art workshop and craft beer tasting for fantastic experiences.


Adventure Game “Action Track“

Adventure Game “Action Track“ is a truly modern competition between teams. On this activity, a tablet acts as a guide for the group in the search of checkpoints in the Tallinn Old Town. On the checkpoints the team has to solve different kind of multimedia-based tasks and some checkpoints have even costumed characters.  The game takes the participants to visit the most amazing places of the Old Town including viewing platforms, medieval towers, the Town Hall Square, oldest pharmacy in Europe and many more spectacular sights.


Drive-By Paintball & Demolition Derby

Take some old cars and ram each other with them until the cars last! This activity is all over full of adrenaline and we can not imagine anyone who will not be satisfied after this experience! You don´t need driving licence to do demolition derby! You can be a driver and also a passenger because there are many rounds.

Using cars gives paintball an extra dimension and many more opportunities for different battle scenarios. You can use the cars as tank, as cover or ambush and drive by shooting etc. There are different vehicles: cars ,vans, convertable cars, Russian army military trucks etc. That’s right – you will drive the cars and shoot at the same time!


Learn The Secrets of Mushroom Picking

As 70 % of Estonia´s territory Estonians love mushrooming and are eager to teach this secret also to their guests. Join a mushrooming tour guide to learn about various edible and inedible mushrooms. At the end of the day, you will use the mushrooms you picked for preparing a delicious mushroom meal. Anywhere in Estonia-


Spectacular River Cruise on a Hanseatic-Style Barge in Tartu

Barges are unique wooden trading vessels that have sailed the inland waters of Estonia for more than 600 years. Jõmmu was built 10 years ago by using traditional medieval building methods by a group of enthusiasts. Today the barge Jõmmu and events organised by the Emajõe Lodjaselts have become integral parts of life in Tartu. If just sailing on the river sounds a bit boring, choose one of their fantastic thematic trips, e.g.  i “Bat-Watching” , “Stargazing with an Astronomer”, “Enjoying Sunset” “Bird-song trips”, “Seto Culture” or even“Pancake morning” . The tour starts in Tartu.


Kayak tour in Tallinn

A great option for sporty adventure within Tallinn, these excursions take you paddling around the city’s coastal and harbour areas, where you’ll get amazing views of the skyline. No experience is necessary. Just be prepared to get wet!


Dinner in an Authentic, Medieval Style Restaurant

Olde Hansa is a medieval-themed restaurant located in a historical warehouse that has been fully renovated in the style of a rich merchant´s home. Dinner here is a traditional, Middle Ages feast featuring a generous selection of medieval specialities. It is served in an authentic atmosphere with waiters and waitresses dressed in period costume and medieval music playing on the background. The guests in your group will be received according to historical customs and rituals. The restaurant is located in Tallinn historic centre, about 50 metres from the Town Hall.


Action-Packed Rally Car Race

A full day of adrenaline-filled fun awaits you at Laitse Rally Park, just 30 minutes drive from Tallinn. Here you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel of a rally car and take it for a spin around a 2.3 km track! You can choose from Ladas and BMWs.   The Estonia’s biggest double track is 2.3 km long, so it takes about 5 minutes to complete a full lap. You’ll be given all the necessary safety instructions before you put your car in gear and put the pedal to the metal. Laitse rally park also provides opportunity to experience co-drive next to a professional pilot, a Rallycross driver or a Drifting driver. Breathtaking ride, filled with adrenaline and goosebumps on your skin.  You can organize a fun rally sprint contest as a company event or as something special for a larger group, with two drivers going head to head on the track at a time.  The rally park can even arrange for certificates and trophies to be awarded after the event!

Those that like to live life in the fast lane will appreciate the chance to visit auto24ring, the only purpose built car and motorcycle racing circuit in Estonia and probably the best racetrack in Nordic. Completed in 2012, it offers a number of different experiences for individuals and groups, including competitions.Meeting rooms and catering are available on site.


Sculpture Workshop with a Famous Estonian Artist

Visit an Estonian sculptor´s studio in the Old Town or in the countryside (with 45-minute transfer). In either case, you will be entering a special place with a bohemian milieu and creative atmosphere where the landlord himself will teach you the secrets of sculpture making. At the end of the workshop, each participant have their own completed work to take home, reminding them of this unique event for many years to come.


Daytrip to Kihnu island

To catch sight of one of the last places in Europe where traditional folk culture lives on in day-to-day life, take a ferry ride to the small island of Kihnu. Its 600 inhabitants are fierce guardians of their cultural heritage, which can be seen in their clothing, handicrafts, dances, games, music and dialect. UNESCO has listed the Kihnu traditions as one of the ‘Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’


Cheers to Tartu!

By far the best place to soak up Estonia’s centuries-old beer-making traditions, the A. Le Coq Beer Museum offers a glimpse inside the country’s oldest brewery, established in 1800. More than 300 exhibits cover the history of A. Le Coq as well as Estonian and worldwide beer culture. A tour is also available for those who want to see the brewery’s modern facilities.


Would you like learn more on any of those programmes or get a quote for your group? Contact our team for assistance!

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager