Estonia may be one of Europe’s tiniest treasures, but it’s bursting with big experiences that will leave you awestruck. Nestled among its breathtaking landscapes and charming cities, this Baltic wonder offers the best of both worlds – rich culture and captivating nature, all within arm’s reach. With a population of just 1.3 million spread across a land larger than the Netherlands, Estonia ensures hassle-free exploration. Your group’s next unforgettable adventure is always right around the corner. Join us now as we unveil ’10 Unmissable Activities in Estonia for Your Groups in 2024′.


Unlocking Tallinn’s Treasures– The Old Town Orienteering Adventure

Experience Tallinn in a fun team-building activity! Tallinn’s picturesque Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is renowned as one of the best-preserved and most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. This game will guide your guests through the historic Old Town, challenging them to discover hidden gems and clues leading to the city’s most popular attractions. You can choose the starting and ending point anywhere in the city or conclude the game at the planned dinner restaurant. This event is suitable for all seasons and can even be conducted at night.

A Timeless Medieval Dining Experience

Photo: Olde Hansa

Indulge in a truly unique entertainment and dining experience set within the iconic backdrop of the world-famous Tallinn Old Town. Olde Hansa, a medieval-themed restaurant, occupies a meticulously renovated historical warehouse, artfully designed to evoke the ambiance of a prosperous 15th-century merchant’s home. Here, your dinner becomes a traditional Middle Ages feast, featuring a lavish array of medieval delicacies. This unique experience is crafted through the preparation of dishes according to centuries-old recipes. Every element, from what you see and hear to what you taste and touch, faithfully reflects the craftsmanship of the 15th century.  Food is served abundantly until every guest is thoroughly satisfied. The distinguished patrons are attended to with the finest pottery and glassware, while fair maidens adorn themselves in exquisite attire, and melodic tunes worthy of kings fill the air.

Jewelry & Accessories Making Workshop with Estonian Designers

Photo Krõõt Tarkmeel

Get hands-on and craft a meaningful piece for yourself or a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. Several renowned and experienced Estonian designers, including Stella Soomlais, Kris Eglite, and Reet Aus, have opened their studios to welcome visitors for DIY workshops. During these sessions, they’ll not only share their techniques and stories but also provide guidance as you embark on your first jewelry, leather accessory, or T-shirt making adventure. Unleash your creativity and produce something uniquely beautiful. Learn new skills while fashioning your own bracelets, earrings, keyholders, or other accessories. No prior experience is required—just a creative spirit eager to explore.

Walk on the Edge of Tallinn TV Tower

Rising to a staggering height of 175 meters, Tallinn’s tallest structure, the TV Tower, provides unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape. However, ascending to the 22nd floor to take in the scenery is not for the faint-hearted! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you venture onto the outer edge of the saucer-shaped observation level of the Tallinn TV Tower. Participants are securely harnessed for safety, allowing them to complete a full circle around the tower during this thrilling 30-minute experience.

Bogshoeing – Walk on the Water

Experience the Estonian national hobby of ‘bog hiking,’ a unique adventure that takes you through ancient and mystical landscapes found in only a handful of places worldwide, with Estonia being one of them. Picture a spongy, plush carpet seemingly floating on a pond, and you’ll begin to envision the bog’s distinctive appearance and what it’s like to walk on its surface. Bogshoeing is an activity that’s particularly special to Estonia, offering an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to explore its natural wonders. Bogshoes, resembling rackets for your feet, provide the necessary support to walk on soft bog surfaces without causing any harm to the delicate ecosystem. While bogshoeing, you’ll have the opportunity to observe an abundance of wildlife, including dragonflies, waterbirds, and frogs. In this pristine environment, you’ll find no litter and no noise—just an overwhelming sense of peace and a deep connection to nature.

The Pop-Up Wilderness Restaurant

For a truly unique experience, Estonia’s breathtaking natural landscapes, authentic outdoor adventures, and delicious rustic dishes can all be combined. Start by selecting an outdoor activity of your choice, such as bog walking, bushwalking, canoeing, fat bike riding, or kayaking, and let experienced partners handle the arrangements. A pop-up team will establish an outdoor restaurant at a designated campfire site along your chosen adventure route, even if it’s deep within the woods. This distinctive dining experience takes place in a beautiful natural setting and involves live-fire cooking right before your eyes. Depending on your preferences, the head chef can be organized to personally prepare your meals and share captivating stories about each dish.

Off-Road GPS Orienteering Safari

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience on the grounds of a former military practice area transformed into a nature reserve. Here, the roads have been left to nature’s devices, abandoned and often in poor condition—making them the perfect terrain for your adventure. This track offers an array of exciting off-road challenges and showcases picturesque natural wonders. Picture it as orienteering in cars, where teams will strive to locate as many checkpoints as possible within a specified time frame. The team with the most checkpoints secured will claim victory. Embark on this adventure in classic UAZ jeeps, equipped with maps and GPS for navigation. Each team vehicle accommodates up to five people, allowing you the flexibility to switch drivers, navigators, and strategists as you see fit. Get ready to rev up your engines and conquer the off-road terrain!

E-Fat Bike Hike at Rummu Querry

Photo: Simon Snopek

A mere half-hour drive from Tallinn, you’ll discover the enchanting Rummu Quarry, one of Estonia’s most photographed locations. In the past, this quarry served as a limestone mining site, employing prisoners from nearby prisons. However, after mining operations ceased, the quarry filled with groundwater, resulting in a pristine lake with crystal-clear waters. Beneath the surface lies a unique underwater world featuring forests, cliffs, remnants of the prison, and mining equipment. Some of the former mining structures still stand in the middle of the lake, imparting a deserted and apocalyptic ambiance to the area. On the quarry’s shores, you’ll find the renowned Rummu Tuhamägi and the abandoned Murru prison. Various activities are organized here, including diving experiences and excursions to explore the quarry via canoes, SUP boards, or rafts. Just a few kilometers away lies the historic Padise Monastery, a hill fort, and scenic trails through pine forests. This biking trail offers an incredibly diverse tour, allowing you to witness vastly different places in terms of beauty and charm within just a few hours, all while experiencing genuine contrasts.

Explore Tartu: European Capital of Culture 2024

Tartu, located 185 km from the capital Tallinn, has long held a special place in the hearts of Estonians as their country’s cultural and intellectual hub. Boasting top-notch museums, vibrant cafes, and the oldest university in Estonia, it’s no surprise that this UNESCO City of Literature has been chosen as one of the three European Capitals of Culture for 2024, alongside Bad Ischl in Austria and Bodø in Norway. To celebrate this distinction, Tartu and the wider southern Estonia region are hosting a year of diverse events. These include classical concerts, film screenings, and innovative outdoor art installations, making 2024 a memorable year for culture enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Pamper Your Guests: Luxurious Spa Hotel Accommodations

Why not indulge your group with a touch of luxury by offering complimentary spa access included in their room rates? It’s worth noting that most business-class hotels in Estonia are equipped with spa facilities, typically featuring amenities such as pools, steam rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis. More often than not, access to the spa is included in the room price, saving you the extra expense. You’ll find cozy spas even in luxurious boutique hotels in Tallinn’s Old Town, not to mention the larger conference hotels in the city. It’s important to keep in mind that staying in high-quality 5-star hotels in Estonia doesn’t have to break the bank, as rooms are often available for under 200 euros.

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