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Most popular images for promoting Estonia as event destination

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Over the years our Estonian Convention Bureau’s team has given hundreds of destination presentations to showcase Estonia for meetings and events.

We usually complement text on slides with stunning photos on Estonia as information delivered images is more likely to be remembered than words alone. People don’t remember every slide and every word of a presentation. They remember „wow” moments! So, let us highlight our most popular images to promote Estonia and grab an audience’s attention.

Tallinn’s picture-perfect Old Town

One of the best-preserved medieval districts/neighbourhoods/quarters in Europe

Download photos: Tallinn Old Town, Tallinn Old Town II, Tallinn Old Town III

Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Old Town is full of festive charm during the winter months. Why not cradle a warming cup of mulled wine at the city’s magical Christmas Market? Glögg is an essential part of Christmas in Estonia. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped foot in a fairy tale.

Download photo: Tallinn Christmas Market, Tallinn Christmas Market II, Tallinn Christmas Market III

Tallinn Skyscrapers

Downtown Tallinn, hub for the financial sector, several shopping centres and large business-class hotels

Download photos: Tallinn City Centre, Tallinn City Centre II

Tallinn Airport

The main gateway to Estonia is located just minutes (only 4 km) from the city centre of Tallinn

Photo by Kristian Kruuser, available on request

Telliskivi Creative City

Industrial heritage and bohemian charm.  Collection of former factory and railway buildings transformed into a centre for creative enterprises: an entire quarter filled with offbeat eateries, trendy cafés, and hip bars along with design, antique and vintage shops.

Download photos: City view of Telliskivi and Tallinn Old TownRestaurant Peatus in Telliskivi Creative CityRestaurant Kivi Paber Käärid in Telliskivi Creative City

Noblessner Seafront District

Originally a center of shipbuilding, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Formerly famous for building submarines for the Russian Empire, today an up-and-coming city space complete with restaurants, a top-class brewery, art galleries, port. It is also a location of the newest event venue in town, Noblessner Foundry

Download photo: Noblessner, photo by Martin Dremljuga, available on request

Rotermann Design District

Old salt warehouses and factory buildings converted into a modern design, shopping, restaurant and night life district.

Download photo: Rotermann City, Rotermann City II

Tallinn Creative Hub/ Kultuurikatel

A former power station with a distinctive brick chimney, now the most popular event venue in Tallinn, located right next to the Old Town and the port.

Photos by Toomas Tuul, available on request

Seaplane Harbour

Home to Tallinn’s unique seaplane hangars which accommodate today one of Europe’s grandest maritime museums. One of Tallinn’s most unique venues for gala dinners.

Photo by Toomas Tuul, available on request

Kadriorg Park

The most popular places for a strollin Tallinn. Home to numerous museums, presidential palace and stunning summer residence built by Tsar Peter the Great in 1718 for his empress, Catherine.

Download photo: Kadriorg Palace, Kadriorg Park, Kadriorg Palace II


Estonia’s second largest city, main university town and and European Capital of Culture 2024. Known as the “Athens of Emajõgi,” Tartu’s renowned medical and educational institutions have helped to make it an international center of learning and intellectualism.Famed for one of the oldest universities in Northern-Europe, University of Tartu (1632).

Download photo: Tartu Town Hall. Tartu City by Oliver Kuusk, available on request. The Kissing Students photo available on request.

Estonian National Museum

The award-winningstunning architectural masterpiece and event venue in Tartu, sits on a former Soviet military airfield.

Estonian National Museum photo available on request, download photo Estonian National Museum II

Pärnu – the ultimate Seaside Getaway

A place where an expansive sandy beach, tranquil parks, old-fashioned architecture and a nearly 200-year-old spa industry come together to create a relaxing escape from the pace of 21st century life.

Download photos: Pärnu City, Pärnu Beach, Pärnu Beach II

Jolly Old Ladies of Kihnu island

Best image to open or close the presentation on Estonia. Smiles always guaranteed!

Download photo: Kihnu ladies. Kihnu ladies on a motorcycle available on request

Breath-taking landscapes and nature

In Estonia, bogs and mires are a distinctive part of the landscape, some even say this is Estonia’s ace card. There’s a comprehensive network of bog trails across Estonia with specially erected boardwalks just above the marshland.

Download photos: Männikjärve Bog, Chefs in the Bog, Männikjärve Bog II, Forest Sunrise, Dinner in the Field

If you have a conference website or social media channels to fill with information, a destination presentation to deliver, make the most of content resources in your own marketing materials. The more visual your website or social media channels, the more potential visitors can start to see the whole picture of what their visit or conference in Estonia might look like. Many of these images can be downloaded from digital media libraries of Visit Estonia, Visit Tallinn, Visit Tartu etc and used for free for promoting Estonia as a travel destination. See the full list of the image banks here.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager