Day Trip to Lahemaa

The most popular conference post-tour from Tallinn is a day trip to Lahemaa National Park, a beautiful nature area on Estonia’s north coast. The region is home to several breathtaking historic manor estates, romantic coastal villages, a hidden waterfall, picturesque scenery and abandoned Soviet military installations. Lahemaa offers visitors a fascinating mix of history and nature – a wonderful perspective of rural life in northern Estonia through the ages. The drive to Lahemaa only takes an hour, so this option is a great way to see what lies outside of Tallinn.

Highlights of a Lahemaa tour:

  • Taking a walk or bogshoe hike through Viru Bog
  • Exploring the charming, centuries-old fishing villages along the coastline
  • Visiting romantic manor estates: Lahemaa National Park is best known for its stunning Baltic-German manor houses such as Palmse, Sagadi and Vihula.
  • Enjoying a traditional Estonian meal at a local tavern
  • Discovering the largest natural waterfall in Estonia

Lahemaa is also a fantastic setting for many memorable team-building activities. Take a look at these possibilities:


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