Bike Tour in Lahemaa National Park

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Guided Biking Tour in Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park is the ideal place for nature lovers and it is situated just one hour drive from Tallinn. You can hardly find a better route to get a glimpse of the coastal nature and culture of Northern part of Estonia.

Lahemaa is the oldest and largest national park in Estonia representing the nature and cultural heritage, typical of North Estonia. Established in 1971, covering an area of  72,500 ha. Lahemaa forests offer good habitats for large mammals, including large predators — permanent communities of bear, wolf, elks, wild boars and lynx live here and at least 200 species of birds.

You will start cycling from Palmse – the heart of Lahemaa National Park. Palmse is worth knowing not only for its natural beauty but also for its history. Your route takes you to Sagadi. The history of Sagadi manor dates back 500 years. For the time being Sagadi has become the centre of tourism and natural and cultural education. Then, continue cycling to Altja fishing village. Altja was first mentioned in written records in 1465 and is a typical seaside village, with all of its houses stretching along one street. Next you will continue cycling to Võsu. Võsu has a beautiful 3 km long beach area with a belt of dunes behind it. Traditionally the Võsu beach belonged to Palmse manor state. In mid-19th century it was still a small fishing village with 11 farmsteads and 2 peasants holdings, a watermill and a brickyard.  Nowadays Võsu is primarily a seasonal town with the number of residents multiplying in summer. Continue cycling to Käsmu. It is steeped in maritime history and known in Estonia as the “Captains Village”. Käsmu will not only appeal to lovers of maritime history but also to those who enjoy deserted sandy beaches, where swans swim off the coast in boulder-strewn waters and the forest edges right up to the shore. In Käsmu, rejoin the coach and drive back to Tallinn.

Helmets, safety vests and a bottle of mineral water are provided. Please wear appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing. Tour operates in all weather conditions. All measures are implemented to follow the health and sanitation regulations.


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