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Discover The Top 12 Reasons To Organize Meeting or Event in Estonia in 2019

Estonia is a fast-growing destination where the number of international conferences held each year has risen sharply. So what makes Estonia such a popular choice for event planners?

A Fresh Destination

tudengite laulupidu headerFor starters, Estonia is a fresh, new, undiscovered option. We all know that many delegates travel often and have already been to the long-established conference cities – maybe even more than once. For most delegates, this is completely new and undiscovered part of Europe. Estonia is full of positive surprises and will definately exceed your guests´expectations. Breaking from the herd and giving delegates the chance to see this different corner of Europe is bound to boost their attendance as well as their satisfaction.

Amazing, historic atmosphere

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On its own though, Estonia is simply an amazing locale where the conference cities are packed with historic charm. Tallinn’s fairytale-like Old Town, among the best preserved medieval-era city centres in Europe, never fails to astonish visitors. Other conference spots, such as the university town of Tartu, offer their own centuries-old milieux in quieter surroundings, while vast areas of unspoiled nature are never far away.

Diversity of Styles – A Blend of Old and New, Medieval and Modern

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Even with all its historic ambience, Estonia is surprisingly modern.  Outside the walls of historic old towns,  both Tallinn and Tartu present a number of exciting neighbourhoods to discover, each with a very different feel. There’s something for everyone – edgier reclaimed industrial quarters exploding with creative and social energy, or  ultra-cool commercial/cultural zones!

Cozy and Compact

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One of the main conveniences of organising anything in Estonia is that it’s small and hassle-free. Compact city centres mean your individual delegates or groups will be making quick, 10-minute walks to get from place to place, rather than dealing with buses or taxis. A transfer from Tallinn’s airport to the heart of the town takes as little as 10 minutes. Travelling from the city to a nature site can take 15 minutes. A trek from one end of the country to another rarely takes more than 3 hours. Estonia’s smallness factor also means that your small or medium-sized event is more likely to make a splash. The country’s largest meeting hall has 1,800 seats, so you can be sure that if your conference has 1,000 delegates, it will stand out and be noticed on the streets.

Green and Clean


It’s important to remember that Estonia is a green, clean country surrounded by 2,222 islands and mostly covered by forest. Even when you are in the middle of a city, nature areas are never far away. This gives visitors plenty of opportunities for interesting social programmes as well as pre- and post-tours within the cities and beyond.  Though our main conference destinations are the capital city Tallinn and the university town Tartu, there is a lot of choice for inspiring settings outside the cities as well. For more detailed information have a look at the Off-the-Beaten-Track dedicated page.

Experience Extraordinary Activities

Sometimes a complete change of scene is just what you need. Thanks to the fact that everything is so close to everything else in Estonia, shifting from work to fun mode takes no time at all. You can start the day with meetings in an ultramodern conference centre and by the afternoon you could be dressed as a monk, racing through cobblestone streets on a medieval-themed treasure hunt. Or you could jump on a bus and after a few minutes you’re embarking on a jeep safari or getting ready to board a yacht for a coastal cruise. Where you’ll be 30 minutes after that, who knows? Check out our selection of best incentive ideas and social programmes in Estonia! You might also want to take a look at our Activities page for more incentice ideas in Estonia.

Awesome Unique Venues

Choosing a venue that stands out from the crowd is a sure way to make your Estonian event one to remember. Estonia boasts a wealth of quirky, individual venues offering something a little different. From Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds or Seaplane Harbour to the Great Guild Hall or the disused Power Plant, choose from one of the country’s many unique locations to ensure your meeting or event is extraordinary. For the best selection, please check our blog post Awesome Unique Venues in Estonia and  see our Venue Finder

Affordable gourmet food

Estonia has become one of the region´s top food destinations thanks to the Nordic culinary tradition of using local ingredients and short-travelled food.  Tallinn and Tartu are both homes to a buzzing restaurant scene, where seasonal, Nordic style-cuisine and affordable gourmet are the bywords.  International and fusion gourmet food can be enjoyed very inexpensively in Estonia, making this a desired destination for foodies. A true five course gourmet feast in Tallinn can cost half the price of a dinner you’d get in most European capitals. Oh, and don’t forget the medieval food – a must to try in Estonia!

One of the World´s Most Advanced E-Societies

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Estonia is famous for creating high-tech solutions and using them in daily life. The examples of popular e-services include e-tax, e-residency, e-elections, e-prescription, digi-ID, and m-parking earning it the nickname “E-Estonia”. Free public wifi is available just everywhere- in hotels, cafés, bars, shopping malls, city squares, parks and even at the beaches.  Check our blog post Estonia – the ideal destination for an IT-event for more information. Host your IT-related event in Estonia and your delegates will have the chance to see these systems in action! Read more about E-Estonia .

Excellent Value For Money

The country has impressed more than a few budget-conscious organisations by offering 5-star quality at 4-star prices. Organising a conference in Estonia won´t break the bank. Many organisers are positively surprised by the value for money offered by an Estonian event.

Easy Organising

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Other points that make organising an event Estonia effortless are the fact that it’s in the Schengen zone, it uses the euro as its currency, credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere and English is widely spoken. Estonia´s can-do attitude makes setting up your event incredibly easy. The Nordic work culture meants that those in the industry speak English, respond promptly, offer flexible solutions and keep their promises. There´s no bureaucracy and no hidden costs. Rather than engaging in fierce competition with one another, Estonian suppliers  – Team Estonia – work in tandem to guarantee clients the best possible outcomes for their events.


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