Seaplane Harbour / Estonian Maritime Museum

Unique architectural masterpiece, most popular gala dinner venue


Tallinn’s Seaplane Harbour is home to the city’s famous, century-old Seaplane Hangars and serves as one of the grandest maritime museums in all of Europe. It is a place filled with great ideas, adventures and history. The architecture of the Seaplane Hangars – a building connecting the sea and sky – is unique: the hangars were the world’s first thin-shell concrete domes of their size. Among many prizes, the building was awarded the Europa Nostra 2013 Grand Prix for cultural heritage.

The exhibition is exceptional: the authentic, 1936-era Lembit submarine, the 100-year-old Suur Tõll icebreaker, boats and yachts, a Short 184 seaplane and many more life-sized exhibits can be found here. In addition, visitors can try out flight simulators, put on costumes and have photos taken, see an enormous aquarium, visit the cinema and much more. All displays are in English, Estonian and Russian.

The restaurant/café MARU offers a spectacular interior view of the entire museum. In summer, its 100-seat outdoor terrace is open. The menu, inspired by the cooking heritage of Nordic and Estonian coastal people, is characterised by pure flavours, simplicity and modernity.

The Seaplane Harbour’s vast, outdoor area features a functional harbour, the steamer-icebreaker Suur Tõll, ships and yachts, a superb view of the sea and the city, and a playground for children.

The Seaplane Harbour is suitable for:

  • spectacular celebrations of important corporate events: stand-up receptions for up to 1,500 people
  • receptions or gala dinners with tables laid for up to 800 people
  • various large-scale events for families, companies, institutions or organisations, both in the indoor and outdoor areas
  • concerts and show programmes for audiences of up to 600
  • corporate motivational and team-building events, even for smaller numbers of participants

At the Seaplane Harbour the following is offered:

  • an exceptional atmosphere: everything takes place in the museum, right in the middle of the exhibits
  • assistance in preparing ideas and programmes
  • special excursions, quizzes and strategy games
  • the café/restaurant MARU: meals for up to 75 people, a 100-seat outdoor terrace in summer, catering for up to 150 people
  • the entire outdoor area for hosting several thousand guests
  • the steamer-icebreaker Suur Tõll (from July 2014): meals in the ship’s lounge for up to 30 people, a seminar room for up to 20 people, the entire ship for up to 75 people