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10 Estonian Experiences Every Visitor Should Have

Planning an international conference in Estonia? Chances are that this will be a completely new destination for most of your delegates, so they’ll need an extra dose of advice in how to get the most out of their stay. To help in that effort, we’ve prepared this handy list of experiences visitors can aim for while out exploring on their own.

Try Estonian rye bread

Estonians have two words for bread: sai (white bread) and leib, the rye bread we all cherish and consider a quintessentially Estonian staple. Leib is offered in just about every restaurant and supermarket and is the one thing Estonians living abroad miss most from their home country. If you’re feeling particularly daring, top your rye slice with some sprats or Baltic herring for an Estonian-style breakfast.

Wander through Old Town

Tallinn happens to boast of the best-preserved medieval districts in Europe, so hit the streets and admire the views. Not to be outdone, Tartu and Pärnu each has its own charm-packed Old Town waiting for you to discover.

Go for a bog walk

In Estonia, nature areas are never far away and the most magical of these are the ancient peat bogs that dot the land. These one-of-a-kind ecosystems are best visited on bog-walking tours, which don’t require any special physical training or equipment. Tip for the adventurous: take a dip in a bog pool. Read more on bog walking adventures

Enjoy Kalev chocolate

Estonia’s beloved confectionary firm, Kalev, is a synonymous with sweets in this country. Ditch the diet and try every variety you can get your hands on. Always the best gift for your loved-ones to take back home!

Relax in a spa

Unwind after a busy day of meetings by spending an hour – or better still a few hours – in a spa. Conveniently, the larger conference hotels feature their own in-house spas, or at the very least that favourite Estonian amenity: the sauna. Check out the best hotels with  pools.

Go shopping

As surprising as it seems to a lot of visitors, all major shopping centres in Estonia are open 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. And before you ask, our currency is the euro. Check out our Souvenir Guide to learn about Estonians specialities to bring back home.

Visit a museum

There’s a museum for every taste in Estonia – art museums, science museums, maritime museums, history museums.  Just make your choice and head on over

Stroll …everywhere

Forget the Uber. Our city centres are so compact that nearly all hotels, conference venues and sights are within easy walking distance, giving you ample opportunity to stretch those legs.

Visit alternative neighbourhoods

Experience a truly local vibe by escaping the city centre and visiting some of the more hip and happening areas. Telliskivi in Tallinn and Aparaaditehas in Tartu, for example, are former factory zones that have become buzzing hives of culture, filled with edgy design shops, restaurants and pubs. Check out Telliskivi Guide for more ideas what to do there.

Sample Estonian beer

The biggest commercial brewers are Saku and A le Coq, but there are also loads of craft beers available in shops and beer-oriented pubs. Check out Visit Estonia’s Craft Beer Guide for more.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager