The House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads


The House of Blackheads is one of the most stunning pieces of built heritage in Tallinn’s Old Town. In medieval times it housed Tallinn´s wealthiest merchant and artisan guilds, the Brotherhood of Blackheads and St Olaf’s Guild. It has through all the centuries been fashionable and contemporary (despite different rulers/owners). The most spectacular rooms in the building are the White Hall (1532), which was the first renaissance-style hall in Tallinn, and the two-naved gothic St. Olaf´s Hall (1422). There is no other Renaissance building in Tallinn preserved so well to our days. The House of the Blackheads now mainly serves as a stylish venue for receptions, concerts and other formal events.

Name of Hall Theatre Class Board Reception Banquet Area (m²)
White Hall + 3 lounges 220 118 400 200 430
St. Olaf`s Guild Hall 100 60 180 100 200
Fraternity Hall 80 50 150 60 134
Fraternity Room 50 15 40 20 58


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