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15 Unique Group Experiences In Tallinn And Its Surroundings In 2022

Are you looking for new and unique experiences in Tallinn for your corporate or incentive group? Our partner DMCs have come up with fun and exciting experiences that will offer participants an element of surprise while showcasing a side of Estonia you may not be familiar with. Another bonus – these experiences will create totally Instagram worthy posts!

A Fun and crazy photo hunt in Tallinn

A photo hunt is a fun and somewhat crazy orienteering game! There are practically no limits on where photo hunts can be held. This game can be played all year around. It also works in the dark! After the “hunt” you will be able to say you have seen some truly remarkable places in and around Tallinn.

The active orienteering-hunting is followed by a viewing of the photos, which may be organized after the hunt or even later as part of a dinner, party, or other event. This experience is perfect for both smaller and larger groups or even separating participants of a huge group (around 250 people or so) into separate smaller groups and scattering these groups around different areas of the city.

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Experience a Traditional Estonian Party at the Open Air Museum

What would be cooler than to experience a traditional Estonian Party in an authentic Estonian environment, with traditional food and drinks, local musicians, and other fun entertainment? Experiencing an Estonian party will give you a great understanding of who Estonian people were and still are, what kind of culture we have and how we like to have fun!

Estonian party  typically take place at the Estonian Open Air Museum, where you can get a closer look at real Estonian villages and authentic ancient farmhouses. Due to the ability to handle a vast capacity, it is a perfect activity also for larger groups.

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A Mystical Dinner with Elves

A decidedly more off-beat and theatrical way to experience Estonia’s wilderness, and enjoy a fine meal at the same time, comes in the form of a customised Show Catering event where mystical hobbits and elves invite you to dine with them. The costumed animators pop up to surprise you at various points of your forest walk, and may also teach you a thing or two about Estonian mythology and nature. Then you’ll be guided to a beauty spot to take in local delicacies, drinks and entertainment. This is a true Estonian experience.

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Plant your own tree

If you’re looking for a team-building activity in Estonia that’s fun, outdoors and has a real positive impact, planting trees is an awesome way for your team or clients to give back and connect with nature. Planting trees gives people the opportunity to do their part for the community and improve the conditions of the earth their grandchildren will inherit. As an ancient Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Plant a tree to offset your carbon footprint and help make a positive climate contribution – we all want to pass on a green and healthy planet! Did you know that staying in the forest is proven to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and make you smile? The forest heals people and every tree planted heals the world. This activity allows you to plant your own tree in one of Estonia’s national forests. It’s also a fantastic way to get in touch with the wilder side of the country’s landscape.Today  50% of Estonia’s territory is covered by forest.

The activity of tree planting is available from April to October, when the weather is decent, and the ground soft enough for digging. After planting, enjoy a picnic with your team – or encourage your team to bring their families along, as this experience is also educational and entertaining for kids.

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Explore the Old Town and Surrounding Areas of Tallinn on a Gentle Eco-Friendly Bicycle Tour

There is something inexplicably thrilling about using a bicycle to explore a new city or a new countryside, its streets and forest tracks pulsating with life. The compact size paired with the diverse history of Tallinn gives cyclists many advantages, maximizing the amount of new information gained from the time spent in our vibrant capital city.

Let yourself feel the gentle sea breeze while pedalling along the waterfront. Your professional guide will take you to “hard to find” places. The city of Tallinn council has invested in many bike roads and every year new routes are added to the urban network. There are also many possibilities for exploration outside of Tallinn by bike, such as in coastal areas, national parks, lakes, manor houses and our clean forests. Helmets, safety vests and bottled water are provided for each tour.

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A Tour of Tallinn by Sea on a Kayak, Finishing at the Seaplane Harbour

The kayaking trip lasts a couple of hours and is a great activity for after work, or as a way for foreign guests to get to know Tallinn from a new and exciting perspective (from the sea). Tallinn has been one of the most important seaports of the Baltic Sea since the Middle Ages. During the trip, you will visit all the ports and learn about their fascinating history, their current uses and future plans for these seaports.
The Seaplane hangars are architecturally unique. They were initially completed as part Peter the Greats Naval Fortress in 1916-1917. The new museum combines both the past and present, land and sea. Two highlights of the museum are Submarine Lembit and a steam ship by the name of “Suur Tõll”. Submarine Lembit is the world’s only surviving mine-laying submarine of its series, dating back to the 1930’s and steam ship Suur Tõll is the biggest icebreaker in the world, having been preserved through two world wars.

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A Wetland Hike with a Shaman

For Estonians, wetlands are ancient and sacred pockets of nature. Old tales speak of spirits who live within the wetlands and bogs to protect them. These spirits rarely show themselves to people, but while hiking across one of these nature trails its important to respect their presence. As all guardian angels do, the spirits of the bogs and wetlands will be there to help anyone who runs into trouble and to punish those who disrespect the land.

Hiking with a shaman will help you hear nature through the silence, be still and find your own inner wisdom and a hike through one of these wetlands is a great way to re-connect with your own spirit and soul. Enjoy the deep sounds of the shaman’s drum while taking a dip in these clean, healing waters. The experience is meditational, as you leave behind all that doesn’t serve you and live in the moment.

For refreshments tea and traditional handmade Estonian bread and butter are provided.

Group sizes go from 6-12 participants and the hike lasts around 3 hours.

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Day tours in a bog

These bog tours take place when the sun is up. Typically, with these experiences you can expect to spend about 3-4 hours in the bog (+ 2 hours to drive to tour destination and back). There are numerous bogs to visit around Tallinn and Estonia, usually all within a 1-hour reach of wherever you may be staying.

In terms of comfort, the best kinds of footwear to wear are either rubber boots/wellies or hiking boots. However, tour guides and expedition organizations will be well aware that a tourist might not have the correct shoes with them, so let them know and they will help you out by providing special bog shoes, making moving around and navigating the wet landscape much easier.  Tour guides will also have a backpacking stove with them for the purpose of stopping for an enjoyable tea pause and something to eat during the adventure.

The best time to start is about 1-1.5 hours before sunrise. In the summer this means waking up 3–4 AM. If this sounds too extreme, you can go whatever time is best for you.

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Sunset and sunrise tours in a bog

Sunset and sunrise tours have been phenomenally popular among Estonians. The best time of year for these tours are in July and August during the warm summer nights. However, in spring, you will experience bird songs in the mornings or during sunset.

Sunset and sunrise bog tours can be organized during other months as well. Hiking in the bog during a winter night under a full moon can almost be considered somewhat of a psychedelic experience. The setup for night tours is very similar to the setup for day tours. With the guide you can agree where you would like to go, factor in how much time it would take and if there’s anything you would need in addition (equipment, food etc.).

The best time to start for a sunset tour is about 1-1,5 hours before sunset (21:00-22:00 pm in July-August).

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A Mystical Sound Journey with Tibetan Singing Bowls in Tallinn Old Town’s Fortress 

Imagine yourself up high in Tallinn Old Town’s Fortress, between the ancient limestone walls, full of history and spiritual guardians with a fire crackling in the fireplace. The only sound amongst the crackling logs is the singing sound of bowls hand crafted by Tibetan monks. Legend has it that while preparing the bowls the monks will speak a healing mantra with every hit of the hammer. By bringing the sound to life again the healing mantras of the monks will reach you, the mystical vibrations piercing your inner world and cosmic sounds uniting with the crackling hot fire, taking the senses on a sound journey. Let time splip away while enjoying an unforgettable evening and great conversation.

Refreshments offered are tea and honey cake baked by a traditional recipe from the middle ages.

Group sizes go from 8-12 people and the journey lasts around 2 hours.

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An Animated Tour of the Old Town with Tales of Reval + Schnapps Tasting

Join a 90-minute immersive experience going deep into the history of Tallinn. You will follow the footsteps of the Hansa Merchants and learn the story of how Tallinn was raised from the ground and how it evolved into the gateway of Eastern riches. Throughout the tour, your guide will use special techniques allowing you to see and feel what it means to be a medieval merchant. Following the tour, you will be invited for some medieval beer tasting. Each guest will be offered 4 different types of beer (light beer with ginger, light beer with cinnamon, dark beer with honey, and dark beer with herbs).  Altogether the guests will receive between 0.5 – 0.75L of beer along with some snacks and a medieval schnapps tasting.

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Tallinn Booze’n Bites Tour

Want to get to know a bit more about Tallinn through its bar and night-life scene and see what the buzz is all about? Join us on a progressive jaunt through a number of Tallinn’s best bars and locals’ secret hang outs. The tour includes some appetisers which are accompanied by locals’ favourite beer, craft beer, fruit & berry wines, and traditional schnapps. This is your moving Happy Hour with like-minded, laid back friends, well suited for mature audiences.
Tallinn’s Booze’n Bites Tour is perfect for smaller groups and for corporate holiday parties!
Group sizes go from 4 to approx. 20 persons / per tour guide. Larger groups will have split groups.

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A Zero Waste Cooking Class

Enjoy a fun and insightful team building activity at a zero waste cooking class. This is done by preparing food while generating as little waste as possible. The team is encouraged to think outside the box as well as broaden their beliefs and gain new knowledge. The best location for this workshop is Estonia’s first zero waste restaurant, Fotografiska restaurant.

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Movie stunts Workshop

This is a fun and interactive way to visualise and experience the movie creation process from idea to execution and getting creative results. The workshop is full of explosions, flames and good old movie magic adrenaline.

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Sea Rescue Training (Theory + Practice)

Both the Pirita yacht-harbour and Haven Kakumäe are the best locations for hands-on sea rescue training. The training touches upon the equipment, theoretical insights as well as practical exercises in the water by quite literally diving right in. The key takeaway is that by staying together and working as a team you will survive!

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