It may come as a surprise that Estonia,  one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world, is also one of the greenest.  With a population of just 1.3 million spread out across a territory larger than Denmark’s, Estonia is one of the least densely populated countries in Europe with a wilderness coverage of almost 70%. The country has the cleanest air in the world and is home to thousands of wild animals,  2222 islands, over 3,800 km of coastline and a number of lakes.

But this small Baltic country is not only naturally gifted. Sustainability is a way of life in Estonia.  As a small, compact country, almost all inner-city distances can be reached on foot and transport in Tallinn, the UNESCO world heritage capital which boasts one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe is, free for all event delegates.

As a digital society, all events save paper by cutting out useless printing and bureaucracy. Local food and products are made with a lot of love and care, which lets the country set an example by avoiding excess waste and pollution. The country even likes to reuse buildings, as they have transformed many old historic buildings into modern industrial event spaces, e.g. Tallinn Creative Hub, Seaplane Harbour,  Noblessner, Fotografiska Tallinn.

With Tallinn being the  European Green Capital in 2023, even more steps towards sustainable smart cities are being made every day.

This opens doors for a plethora of outdoor and nature-centric activities for all types of events.  Come and experience the magic of e-Estonia in its beautiful natural settings.

Here are a few unique outdoor event ideas to illustrate why Estonia should be your next event destination :

Bog Walking Adventure

Pick a bog in any corner of Estonia and go on an off-trail adventure with the help of special bog-shoes. Once-in-a lifetime experience and breath-taking views!

Pop-up restaurants

Start off with selecting a hike or outdoor activity and let a pop-up team set up an outdoor restaurant at any prepared campfire site near the adventure path you choose. The experience is served in a beautiful natural setting and cooked right in front of your eyes on a live fire.

Lighted raft tour

Glide over underwater forests and buildings of an abandoned prison. After a trip above water, enjoy a nice relaxing walk in the sand dunes of Rummu.

Sailing on Tallinn Bay

Tallinn looks stunning from any angle, but there’s really nothing like the view of the city you’ll get from the deck of a luxury yacht cruising the bay. Imagine sipping champagne and watching the sunlight sparkling on the water with the medieval towers of Old Town rising in the background.

Fatbike tours

Discover Estonia’s beautiful nature in a whole new way. A fat bike is a further development of an off-road bicycle and its most distinctive elements are the oversized tires – you´ll spend less energy, pass a longer distance, and see much more!

Mushroom & Berry Picking 

You can have your tour led by a naturalist who can introduce the local flora and fauna, or opt to have a professional chef steer you toward the best berries and edible mushrooms, and teach you how to bring out their flavours.

Off-Road Orienteering with Retro Jeeps

Drive a a vintage jeep in a former military base. The track features exciting off-road challenges as well as picturesque natural sites. A hearty picnic at a beautiful campsite will be made available at your request

Plant a Tree

Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world, however, there can never be too many trees.  Why not get every member of your team to plant a tree to offset carbon emissions and make a positive climate contribution!

Hikes in the Stunning Estonian Nature

Estonia is a unique country where you can experience pure nature just a few kilometres outside the city. Stunning hikes to bogs, the seaside, lakes and more can be complemented with unique catering experiences, different tasks and survival skills workshops, bird watching, photography training and so much more.

Sunrise Fishing Trip

Head out to sea and enjoy the sunrise, stunning views, and a little fishing with a professional fisherman.

Stand up Paddleboarding


Escape the city bustle of Tallinn and set out on a peaceful paddling expedition with this instructor-led stand-up paddleboarding session. Get some exercise while learning a new skill in a scenic environment.

Tallinn Bay Kayak Tour

Paddle around the city’s harbour and coastal areas, where you’ll get amazing views of the city skyline. No previous paddling experience is necessary. This is suitable for everyone who wants to see Tallinn from a unique perspective. The distant views of Tallinn with both the modern city centre and old town merged on one horizon are truly amazing.

Sea & Islands Adventure

Blue seas, good company, a comfortable yacht, and the most beautiful Estonian islands await you on this cruise to the nearby islands of Tallinn. Visit Aegna, Naissaar, and Prangli, each with its own unique nature and history. Additional team building activities can be added such as a photo hunt, ‘GeoArt’, and a sunrise fishing trip.

Iglu Sauna Experience

Are you curious about the traditions and secrets of the nordic sauna culture? You will have a chance to experience the heat of the ”leil” yourself in the wood-fired saunas at the wonderful seaside Iglupark, located in the historic neighbourhood of Noblessner, where you will be introduced to all aspects of the Estonian sauna life.

Getting inspired already?

For more ideas and information about your next Estonian adventure in nature, reach out our team!

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager