Bog Walking

Estonia is famous for its bogs. Peat bogs and mires cover a fifth of mainland Estonia, offering a unique outdoor experience. Stretch your stiff muscles, breathe in the clean bog air, and enjoy the mystical landscape of Estonian wetlands.

Bog walking in Estonia is made possible with the help of wooden boardwalks laid out in most bogs or special bog shoes that function similarly to snowshoes. Hikers can walk freely without sinking and causing damage to the environment. Lookout towers are situated at the end or middle of the boardwalks in most bogs, providing breathtaking views.

Bog walking is available in Estonia year-round—just as nature changes its colors, bogs also alter their hues throughout the seasons! It doesn’t require intense physical preparation; if you can manage a good walk, you can handle a bog shoeing tour

Among the most accessible of the wetland areas is Viru Bog, just a 30 minute drive from Tallinn, on the edge of Lahemaa National Park. The tour enables visitors to traverse the landscape on wooden board trails, while getting acquainted with the area’s flora, fauna and geology.




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