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Become a Creative Genius in Ultimate Creative Workshops in Tallinn

Looking for memorable experiences for your group you simply won’t find anywhere else? Why not try one of our unforgettable creative workshops, either making your own leather wristband, painting your own marzipan figurine or designing an unique sculpture? Your clients will most probably be happy to learn a new exotic skill or grateful for the opportunity to surprise their loved ones with an unique and personal gift made in Estonia!

Here’s our pick of top creative workshops in Tallinn:

Star Leather Designer Helps You Make a Souvenir

Stella Soomlais is famous Estonian designer who has a passion to leather craft. Stella is driven by inventing and always up for designing something new and unique. Through the workshops she shares her love for the work with leather. Studio offers leather workshops where guests can make leather wristbands, watch straps, key holders and other accessories.

Design and create something unique and beautiful. Workshops are taking place in Stella Soomlais Studio in Telliskivi, Tallinn.

Marzipan Painting: Art at its Most Delicious

Marzipan has a long and sweet history in Tallinn that goes back to the heyday of the Hanseatic League – like the German City of Lübeck, Tallinn is also well known for its marzipan. Whereas up until 17th century the sweet almond paste was considered a medicine and sold by the Town Hall Pharmacy, nowadays it’s a popular treat that gives guests the opportunity to practice true craftsmanship. In this workshop, you will learn about marzipan and its making and see how the real masters ply their craft. Even more, you’ll become a craftsman yourself, sculpting, colouring and painting your own small figurine. Besides being fun, it also tastes fantastic.

Sculpture Workshop with a Famous Estonian Artist

Visit an Estonian sculptor´s studio in the Old Town or in the countryside (with 45-minute transfer). In either case, you will be entering a special place with a bohemian milieu and creative atmosphere where the landlord himself will teach you the secrets of sculpture making. At the end of the workshop, each participant has their own completed work to take home, reminding them of this unique event for many years to come.

Graphic Art Workshop 

Various graphic art techniques can be learned and tested in Tallinn’s best graphics studio at KUMU modern art museum. Every participant can create a unique work of graphic art and print it out on a printing press.

Street Art Workshop in Hipster Tallinn

For the hippest of the hip, Tallinn’s borders start and end in Kalamaja. Over the last decade, this quiet residential and factory district beyond the railway station has become the preferred hangout of the city’s young, artsy set. Visitors love it for its innovative, offbeat cafés, restaurants and galleries, not to mention the rows of picturesque, late-19th and early 20th century wooden houses that line its narrow streets. Combine the visit with street art workshop for fantastic experiences.

Making your own chocolates

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love is workshop offered by Estonia’s most famous confectioner. The workshop introduces the delicate art of making chocolate truffles. By the end of the class guests will have learned a tasty new skill and they’ll have their own sweets to enjoy or give away as gifts.

Carrot Orchestra workshop

The combinations of vegetables to make instrumental sounds are endless. Early renaissance musicians teach guests how to make a carrot flute and finally all make orchestra together. Exclusively provided by Blue Drum.

Want to learn more inspiring activities in Estonia?

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Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager