Mushroom & Berry Picking

Kestvus 2 tundi

 As a culture, Estonians have a profound, some would say spiritual, connection to their forests, which is why so many people here consider wandering through the trees hunting berries or mushrooms to be the ultimate weekend pastime. The best way to experience this phenomenon for yourself is, of course, with one of the many guided tours available. You can have your tour led by a naturalist who can introduce the local flora and fauna, or opt to have a professional chef steer you toward the best berries and edible mushrooms, and teach you how to bring out their flavours.

Note that the best mushroom picking season in Estonia is from early August to the first half of October. Delicious wild berries – cloudberries, cowberries, cranberries, blueberries, dewberries and the like – can be found from June until the first half of September.

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