Virtual quiz-show type Games for your online event

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With people spending more time on video calls and online meetings, keeping attendees focused on virtual content can be trickier than face to face. it’s important to provide your virtual attendees with time to clear their minds, get energized and reset their focus.The opportunity to instill an element of fun in the form of gamification is one of the best parts of running an event on a virtual conference platform. During events, you can engage your attendees with quiz-show type games, bingo, and trivia contests.

Therefore one of our most seasoned event entertainment company Blue Drum has developed a new entertaining game „Give me a Break“, suitable for any kind of virtual events: team-buildings, meetings, clients’ events. Blue Drum describes their new game as:

Activate your attendees through the mobile app by adding gamification challenges that keep them engaged during the event. We show up in your Zoom/Teams conference or meeting and arrange fun interactive game in English, Finnish or Russian. Participants download our application to their phones and our funny hosts Ulaf, Marcus or Rosita in different costumes share slides, communicate and entertain while looking at your response via app.  There are multiple answers, qucik response or attention needed tasks, creative challenges, soundtracks or video files guessing and also customized tasks can be made.

Give me a break is entertaining break but it can be used also to deliver the information, make small market research or control knowledge about conference theme.

Length: 10-40 minutes
References: Port of Tallinn, Pank of Estonia, Hilton Tallinn and others.
Give me a break price starts from 300 EUR + VAT 20 %. The price will be agreed if there are bigger groups or special projects.
The price includes development of the game, app’s usage fee, work of 2 persons and agency fee. Awards are added.

Blue Drum has organized app based games for companies and conference groups since 2014.

More information about the app based games:

Photos: Blue Apples Studio

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