The Top Outdoor Experiences in Estonia

Planning a group getway to Estonia? At ECB, we love outdoors and luckily, there are countless ways to “wow” participants with everything in reach in Estonia. We know that visitors  want an experience that they cannot get elsewhere—something new and exciting, so here’s our best picks of authentic  and instagrammable event ideas activities in Estonia to impress each and every visitor who experiences them.

 Clear your mind in the bog

In European countries, bogs have largely disappeared due to intensive human activity.In Estonia, however, roughly 20% of territory is still covered with bogs, which means that it is easy to organise a bog walking tour from any town. Visiting Estonia’s fascinating peat bogs is an absolute must for nature lovers. These protected areas can be toured via wooden plank trails or by wearing specially-developed “bog shoes” to tread atop the moss. Bog tours don’t require any special physical training or equipment. Tip for the adventurous: take a dip in a bog pool!

Cider Tasting

There’s nothing better than going on a real cider tour. The holy grail of cider enthusiasts! It’s not only a chance to see the best cideries and orchards, but it’s also an opportunity to meet the experts themselves who can show you the ins and outs of how they create their wonderful cider. There are several independent cider producers in Pärnu county catering for all kinds of groups and  happy to tailor the event to you. Visit either Jaanihanso Cider House or Tori Cider Farm and learn all about how cider is made and try some of favourites from the shelves and cellars. On a visit, you can meet the cider makers, walk around the organic farms, taste limited-run styles, and learn all the nitty-gritty behind this operation that’s a true labor of love.

Off-Road Adventure in Old-School Military Vehicles

Your engines will be revving in a former Soviet Army practice ground turned nature reserve where the roads are abandoned, unmaintained and often very poor – in other words, perfect for this adventure. Trip leaders will provide some initial guidance, but it’ll be up to you to drive these 5-seat UAZ jeeps in the convoy. The track features exciting off-road challenges as well as picturesque natural sites. There will be stops to enjoy fabulous bog and lake views – a perfect opportunity to change drivers. At one point, the group reaches an official off-road site where you can test your off-road skills and take the jeeps to their limit. A hearty picnic at a beautiful campsite will be made available at your request.

Kayak tour in Tallinn

A great option for sporty adventure within Tallinn, these tours take you paddling around the city’s coastal and harbour areas, where you’ll get amazing views of the skyline. No previous paddling experience is necessary. We recommend it to everyone who wants to see Tallinn from an unique perspective- the views from the distance overlooking the whole of modern and old mixed Tallinn are just amazing.

Walk on the Edge with a Panoramic View of Tallinn

Walk on the edge of the Tallinn TV Tower which tickles your nerves and reveals an exciting and literally breathtaking view on the Tallinn city. This  activity takes place on the 22nd floor of the Tallinn TV Tower which is 175 meters above the ground. Due to security reasons, there can be up to 4 participants at the same time. It means that a bigger group will need to split – one part is walking on the edge of the TV Tower and the other part is enjoying some drinks and snacks at the Tallinn TV Tower restaurant with a prefect bird view.

Lighted raft tours on the magical lake

This magical place, located 42 km from Tallinn, is well-known of its` light blue water and sand hills. Probably the strangest lake you’ll ever visit, Rummu is legendary for its scenes of beautiful nature mixed with the eerie remnants of buildings both above and below the waterline. This effect comes from a Soviet-era prison/limestone quarry at the site that became submerged after operations shut down in the 1990s. The lake has since become a popular recreation area. On this nighttime raft tour, you’ll get to ‘fly’ over this miniature Atlantis while coloured lights let you peer at the underwater forest below, spying on the aquatic flora and fauna.

Corporate Disc Golf

Enjoy a breath of fresh air while participating in an active event that is not physically strenuous. Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world as it is easy to anyone to play. It is played with similar rules to traditional golf, except players throw a flying disc (Frisbee) from a designated tee area to an elevated metal chain basket to complete each hole in the least number of throws. There are numerous free public disc golf courses in Estonia and actually a temporary  disc golf  course can be set up next to almost every holiday resort. It’s the perfect outing for a team that could use a change of scenery.

Corporate Golf Tournament

Partnering with an exclusive golf course or country club that caters to your needs and makes your guests feel welcome is an essential part of your corporate golf tournament planning. Most corporate golf outings end with a nice lunch, drinks on the green and/or Awards banquet, and dinner. The ambiance is everything here – and that will be determined by your golf course selection.

The golf courses in Estonia are very diverse, and both links and parkland courses can be played on. Four of the courses are at the coast, of which the Pärnu Bay Golf Links is a classical links golf course overlooking the Baltic Sea. Pärnu Bay Golf Links, is often considered one of the most amazing links courses in Northern Europe. Actually, it has even been included in the top 100 golf courses in the world in 2020 list. view the first shots and finish of any tournament.

White Beach Golfan 18-hole golf course located near Valgerand (White Beach) is also among Estonia’s top 3 golf courses. The 84-hectare area includes greens, wide fairways and a total of about 19 hectares of water obstacles. The links-type course is perfect for any golfer.

There are also several golf courses in close proximity of Tallinn as well, Estonian Golf & Country Club and Niitvälja Golf are the most popular ones.

Mushroom hunting and berry picking

As a culture, Estonians have a profound, some would say spiritual, connection to their forests, which is why so many people here consider wandering through the trees hunting berries or mushrooms to be the ultimate weekend pastime. The best way to experience this phenomenon for yourself is, of course, with one of the many guided tours available. You can have your tour led by a naturalist who can introduce the local flora and fauna, or opt to have a professional chef steer you toward the best berries and edible mushrooms, and teach you how to bring out their flavours.Note that the best mushroom picking season in Estonia is from early August to the first half of October. Delicious wild berries – cloudberries, cowberries, cranberries, blueberries, dewberries and the like – can be found from June until the first half of September.

Action-Packed Rally Car Race

A full day of adrenaline-filled fun awaits you at Laitse Rally Park, just 30 minutes drive from Tallinn. Here you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel of a rally car and take it for a spin around a 2.3 km track! You can choose from Ladas and BMWs.   The Estonia’s biggest double track is 2.3 km long, so it takes about 5 minutes to complete a full lap. You’ll be given all the necessary safety instructions before you put your car in gear and put the pedal to the metal. Laitse rally park also provides opportunity to experience co-drive next to a professional pilot, a Rallycross driver or a Drifting driver. Breathtaking ride, filled with adrenaline and goosebumps on your skin.  You can organize a fun rally sprint contest as a company event or as something special for a larger group, with two drivers going head to head on the track at a time.  The rally park can even arrange for certificates and trophies to be awarded after the event!

Thrillseekers can test their nerves also on the Porsche ring motor racing circuit – the most modern racing circuit in the Nordics  – where participants can take high-speed laps in sports cars, learn to drift in a drift taxi and even put the pedal to the metal in an Formula 1!  The Racing Car Experience is an ideal way to feel like a real racing driver– an experience your team or guests won’t never forget. Porsche Ring is the only permanent racing circuit in Estonia for cars and motorcycles, and the only track that has a FIA Grade 4 license in the Baltics. The complex includes a rallycross track, off-road track, and more

Idle Day Back in the Manor

Many of the historic manor houses have been renovated into hotels and spas in Estonia. Idyllic Vihula Manor is located in the wonderful Lahemaa National Park on the northern coast of Estonia, an hour  away from Tallinn.   The interiors are chic and modern and there’s an indulgent spa and modern local restaurant. Perfect for country walks , horse carriage rides, picnic in the park, painting classes, visit to the neighbouring manor, sampling of local distillery’s products and a bit of pampering.

Sailing in Tallinn or Pärnu

Tallinn looks stunning from any angle, but there’s really nothing like the view of the city you’ll get from the deck of a luxury yacht cruising the bay. Imagine sipping champagne and watching the sunlight sparkling on the water with the medieval towers of Old Town rising in the background. Touring by sea also provides unforgettable looks at coastal curiosities and beauty spots like the historic ports, the Seaplane Harbour and its museum ships, the Pirita forest and monastery, and the Patarei fortress.

Likewise, Sailing on Pärnu Bay, where you can see Pärnu from a completely different angle, is a unique activity. Finish your busy meeting day with a relaxing sail into the sunset- imagine this special moment, relaxing on the deck with colleagues and friends, sipping your drink and waiting for the sun to slowly sink behind the horizon. Trip around Pärnu Bay takes about 3 hours.Sailing Tours can be customized to create the experience you want. You can also sail to the nearby islands, like Kihnu or Ruhnu or even set up a company regatta and have a race!

Spectacular River Cruise on a Hanseatic-Style Barge in Tartu

Barges are unique wooden trading vessels that have sailed the inland waters of Estonia for more than 600 years. Jõmmu was built 10 years ago by using traditional medieval building methods by a group of enthusiasts. Today the barge Jõmmu and events organised by the Emajõe Lodjaselts have become integral parts of life in Tartu. If just sailing on the river sounds a bit boring, choose one of their fantastic thematic trips, e.g.  i “Bat-Watching” , “Stargazing with an Astronomer”, “Enjoying Sunset” “Bird-song trips”, “Seto Culture” or even“Pancake morning” . The tour starts in Tartu.

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