Living History at the Estonian Open Air Musem

Take a fascinating journey back in time to the Estonia of old by touring this tranquil, forested park where the nation’s rural past comes to life. Located just outside central Tallinn, the Estonian Open Air Museum is a collection of nearly 80 historical buildings dating from the late 1600s to the early 1900s, all relocated here from various regions of the country and arranged in village/farm fashion. Among these architectural gems are thatched-roofed farmhouses, wind and water mills, a 17th-century church, a fire station, an inn and a schoolhouse.

On your tour you can watch the museum guides demonstrate farm and household activities, take a horse and carriage ride, buy some high quality Estonian handicrafts and enjoy a traditional Estonian meal at the inn. The museum has often been used by conferences as a venue for holding ethnic-themed events such as traditional, Estonian-style dinner parties, colourful folk dance performances and the like.

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