Kayak tour in Tallinn

Kestvus 4 tundi

Take a look on Tallinn from a different angle! Suitable for beginners as well as for experienced kayakers

3-4 hour kayaking tour in Tallinn will offer a waterbird’s-eye view of Estonia’s capital and its “medievally modern” skyline, plus a slice of history, from its days as a major trading port in the Russian Empire to its prominence in the Danish era, and its more recent Soviet occupation.

As paddling past 8 ports, with a collection of military vessels, you’ll get a glimpse of Peter the Great’s marine castle and Patari – the seldom visited but infamous NKVD prison. A welcome next stop will be Paljassaare Peninsula, with a walk on sandy Pikakari beach, Tallinn’s closest bird watching area. From there, then paddling back to the city – enjoying the sweep of graceful architecture – towers, spires, and the onion dome of the Russian Orthodox cathedral  – that still punctuates the rapidly changing skyline.

Tour starting point:  City center, next to Linnahall, an easy walk from the Old Town.

Duration: About 3-4 hours, with about 9 km of kayaking. In case of bad weather, the distance and the length of the trip may be changed.

Level: Easy. Suitable for beginners. No previous kayaking experience needed. Full briefing before the trip.

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