Canoeing the Emajõgi by torchlight

Kestvus 2 tundi

For a truly magical experience, sign up for a nighttime canoe trip along the Emajõgi, the tranquil river that connects Tartu to the surrounding countryside. Flickering torches mounted on the prows of your canoes will light your way, adding to the bewitching atmosphere created by the mist on the water, the reflections of city lights and the sounds of Mother Nature.

The 2-hour tour takes you through the outskirts of Tartu, upstream to the village of Kvissentali, then back to the city to complete a 7 km trek. No previous canoeing experience is necessary and you don’t have to be especially fit to take part.

The company also offers non-torchlight versions of this excursion: a romantic sunset trip and a daytime trip.

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