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Virtual & Hybrid Event Agencies in Estonia

Holding events at a distance, even large-scale events, certainly wasn’t unheard of before 2020, but the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic have since made them part of the business world’s new normal. Luckily, those planning international get-togethers have a number of options to choose from among Estonian event agencies, many of whom have become experts at leveraging technology and organizational skills to create effective online events. These can be either completely virtual events or hybrid events where speakers and panelists appear on stage and are joined by remote audiences. Here’s our list of recommended event agencies who can help you set up the virtual event from the scratch, streaming in realtime or pre-recording and simulating live later,


Creative event marketing agency Orangetime have teamed up with the Broadline event planning service to form OrangeLive, a group with a wide-ranging vision and a wealth of experience in putting together engaging seminars and conferences. OrangeLive collaborates with clients on the entire project, from forming the initial concept to the post-event follow-up communication, working with top IT professionals and TV crews to ensure a flawless production. Orangetime started organising events and conferences in 2003; by now, it is one of the largest event marketing agencies in the Baltic states. Throughout those years, it has organised thousands of corporate events and hundreds of conferences.


Royal Experience

As a provider of international virtual and hybrid events, this Tallinn-based event company literally earns top prize – it won awards for both best webinar and best hybrid event of the year at the Baltic Nordic Event Forum 2020. The company has two decades of experience under its belt, but truly became an industry star last year. In 2020, this Tallinn-based agency particularly stood out as Estonia’s chief provider of international virtual and hybrid events – a true lifeline during the pandemic. Royal Experience has poured its energy into developing ultra-modern contactless solutions for these events, ensuring that they always achieve the highest levels of excellence. The company has put together an impressive 250 Covid-safe events to date, everything from formal conferences to musical performances.

Royal Experience offers a wide range of technical and creative solutions that help to organize successfully different virtual, hybrid and physical events worldwide, including marketing events, corporate communication events, high-level political events, press launches and conferences, etc. Company is able to combines virtual solutions with virtual reality, allowing for in-depth conversation and communication for maximum engagement.



Event marketing agency Jolos has been nominated as the Agency of the Year 2020 at the Golden Egg 2020 creativity festival. The company’s purpose is to create communication solutions which are both emotionally and strategically effective in Estonia and all over Europe. Jolos provides help with live and online events. For online events, a suitable virtual or hybrid event solution is found. Assistance is also provided in the organization of strategic communication, which includes media relations, counselling, crisis communication, brand- and marketing communication. In addition, the company helps with graphic design concerns such as creating publications, books, websites, invitations, cards, presentations, and screen graphics. Jolos helps brands create social media strategies, content creation and planning and copywriting assistance. A team of specialists helps to find a suitable solution to the client´s needs.

Conference Expert

Connected with Estonia’s biggest and most experienced inbound travel agency, this PCO brings an extra-large toolkit of ways to deliver smoothly run events where participants will always remain active and engaged. That includes a newly opened virtual event complex right on the premises, where clients can host and broadcast events in a cosy studio. The company is particularly experienced with medical and scientific conferences. Customised websites, gamification challenges, live surveys, virtual exhibitor booths and concurrent breakout sessions are just a few more of its long list of capabilities.


Publicon PCO

This dedicated team specialises in virtual and hybrid conferences, mainly those with an association, scientific, governmental or medical focus. They can create custom studios, run the event with high-quality directing and video streaming, and take care of all aspects of the online interaction, from registration and communication to audience engagement.



Konverentsimeistrid (Conference Masters) have have been organizing scientific, medical and parliamentary conferences, and various other events for more than 10 years. Hence, they possess extensive know-how based on years of experiences about the specific expectations and requirements of different subject fields. They offer following services for your meetings and events: hybrid and virtual events, sponsorship and support, delegates and speakers management, abstract handling, conference secretariat, social programmes etc.

Konverentsimeistrid have hosted several high-level international events including Annual Conference of the Estonian Employers´ Confederation „Flight of the Kite 2021“, Digital 39th Session of the Baltic Assembly and 26th Baltic Council & Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature, Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments and many more.


Tallinn University and Tal Tech

Not to be outdone by the private sector, Tallinn’s two largest universities also provide the technical and organisational services needed to put together a quality virtual event. Tallinn University’s Baltic Film & Media school runs its own, full-fledged television studio, guaranteeing a polished show from beginning to end. Tal Tech’s Mektory conference hall comes with a 40m video screen background along with all the necessary lights and equipment. In both cases, experienced conference teams are on hand to make sure the event comes off without a hitch.



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