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Hybrid and virtual events have become the new norm (at least for now) with restrictions in place for international travel and mass gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing your event to an audience virtually can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the expertise or knowledge to know how to make it a success. Luckily, Tallinn has a range of Hybrid and Virtual service offerings for a smooth running, successful event. Check out Tallinn’s top suppliers and studios for a Virtual and Hybrid format:

PCOs and Event Companies

When planning a virtual or hybrid event it is crucial to choose the right format and technology, adapt the content, agenda and channels to satisfy the attendees, speakers and sponsors. We highly recommend using an experienced PCO or event company to plan and deliver seamless hybrid and virtual events. With over 25 years’ experience, Conference Expert  takes pride in offering innovative solutions to ensure successful events for all clients, attendees and sponsors – regardless of the delivery format. Orangetime’s vast experience in meeting design and digital technology ensures that your virtual or hybrid events are not a mere copy of your traditional business event. The Orangetime team will help you navigate the ecosystem of digital products, virtual strategies and hybrid events to find the right business model.

Virtual Event and Livestream Studios in Tallinn

Tallinn Creative Hub

Tallinn’s most unusual facility for hosting large events, the Tallinn Creative Hub, is a historic power plant building that has been fully revamped and preserved – bricks, boilers and all. Tallinn Creative Hub has teamed up with partners to create totally exceptional contactless conference format – Global Virtual Solutions. The format of online hybrid event with human touch and the newest technology includes interactive live streaming with large audience, branded stage, professional moderator, personal interaction with 3 streams of guests (spectators, VIP Guests, On Stage Speakers), presentations and video graphics available to everybody. Best global online tools integrated to the event experience.

ONLIVE Proto Studio – The most versatile studio for virtual events in Port Noblessner

One of Noblessner’s largest and most prominent industrial buildings is the foundry – the historical shipbuilding workshop and non-ferrous metal foundry of the Noblessner shipyard. The building was renovated in 2019 and today, it has become an event centre with spacious rooms with modern technical facilities. In April, new Onlive studio solution was launched with the cooperation between PROTO Adventure Factory, Noblessner foundry, event agency Jolos and the AV partner RGB, allowing clients to seamlessly deliver a high-quality experience and effortlessly engage stakeholders, colleagues or delegates in the room and beyond. The new Onlive Proto Studio space offers an innovative and creative approach for staging virtual events of all types – whether you want to host a conference, a ticketed event, launch a new product or organise a virtual gala dinner. There are three different studios available: Grand Studio, Small Studio, Mobile Studio with almost limitless technical opportunities for memorable virtual event. In the grand studio, located at the Nobel hall, one can even hold product launches that don’t fit elsewhere – drive a car to the studio, set up an igloo sauna or bring an elephant if you will. Studio has a separate entrance and all working processes are contactless. Professional technical staff runs everything from the distance and the interior design of the studio will be done according to your liking.

Mektory Studio at TalTech University

TalTech Conference Services is now also offering an array of virtual event services to assist with planning and executing virtual and hybrid events. Virtual event studio has been set up Mektory Videal Screen X Conference Hall– 130-foot screen has a 270-degree angle, allowing guests to conduct the most innovative and interactive virtual and hybrid events. It is a perfect space for scientific conferences and demanding corporate events that require sophisticated graphic solutions and a super wide screen. TalTech’s Conference Department has run several scientific conferences virtually this autumn and will assist clients with any events.

BMF (Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School) Broadcast Studio

A top-notch Broadcast Studio to deliver the high quality virtual conferences and events was launched at Tallinn University’s Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM) in May. From BFM Television Studio it is possible to broadcast virtual presentations, interviews, seminars, produce online training videos. The Studio is conveniently located on Tallinn University campus. Tallinn University’s Conference Department Team is ready to help you hosting virtual events.

Roosikrantsi Virtual Event Studio

New Roosikrantsi Studio in downtown Tallinn, managed by Conference Expert,  is a comfortable venue that features a presentation space, boardroom, kitchen area. Conference Expert’s partner Kadri Jõerüüt says they work to bring an unforgettable experience to attendees of virtual and hybrid events, hoping to make them feel like they are sitting in the room with other people. Conference Expert also helps to set up the virtual event from the scratch. Streaming in realtime or pre-recording and simulating live later, the team is flexible with your schedule and budget to find the perfect fit.

Original Sokos Hotel Viru opens first permanent audio-visual studio in hotels in Tallinn

Original Sokos Hotel Viru in Tallinn has just opened the first permanent audio-visual studio in hotels in Tallinn, in response to all the challenges of organising events during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The new studio is equipped with all the necessary equipment and technology (3-4 cameras, screens, stage , lights, sound system, recording service and live broadcast). Participants can get involved through online platforms and there are 12 various-size meeting rooms available for hybrid conferences. The AV partner is Showcase, but clients can to bring in their own AV partner if they like. According to Sales Manager Ms Tiiu-Tuuli Sulg there are more and more inquiries for holding virtual or hybrid events, so they expect that this, a unique product on our market, will attract many partners and guests

Hestia Hotel Europa – virtual studios

All Hestia Hotel Europa conference rooms can easily be turned virtual, ensuring text conversation, sound and video calls and offering an opportunity to participate from the distance. During the event it is possible to share the screen, group participants and manage different users. 4K camera with 5x zoom and wide angle automatically captures people in the conference room in the picture and is smart enough to follow the lecturer, at the same time automatically blocking background noise and enabling everyone to focus on the main goal – effective participation.

Live streaming and pop up broadcasting studios at Tallinn hotels

There are several experienced AV companies in Tallinn providing reliable audio-visual solutions for virtual and hybrid events, so pop up studios and live streaming can be set up in any hotel or other venue in Tallinn.

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