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Awesome Unique Venues In Estonia For Inspiring Events

Need a mind-blowing venue for corporate conference or  offsite reception? The pressure to get the event right always starts with the venue. As event attendees are used to traditional spaces that look the same, make the event memorable and boost the brand by hosting in an unusual space that people will want to talk and post about!

Here´s our selection of the most unique venues in Estonia for any event:

Tallinn Creative Hub – a historic power station plant building that has been fully revamped and preserved – bricks, boilers and all – offers a fantastic early-20th-century industrial architecture setting for conferences, receptions and other events.


Seaplane Harbour – a former seaplane harbour where you can wine and dine next to a hundred year old submarine while admiring the impressive architecture of the building and the exposition of one of the grandest maritime museums in Europe.


Estonian National Museum – the home for Estonia’s ethnographic history is an immense 33 000 sq m landmark of modern architecture where a large number of high-tech installations and old artefacts are displayed.


Tallinn TV Tower – at 314 metres, the Tallinn TV Tower is the tallest building in Estonia and has the Northern Europe’s highest open viewing platform. The amazing views from its 22nd-floor restaurant/café make it a gre at place for special events.


Kadriorg Palace – a fabulous baroque style palace that was built as a summer residence by Tsar Peter the Great for his empress, Catherine houses nowadays the foreign art collection of the Estonian Art Museum and serves as a festive reception venue.


Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum – an outdoor museum, set in a forest park is a collection of recreated villages from the 19th and early 20th centuries, complete with farm houses, windmills, water mills, a school house, church and a pub.


The House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads – the medieval 15-century guildhouse of merchant and artisan guilds, the Brotherhood of Blackheads and St Olaf’s Guild, is a unique historical venue right in the heart of UNESCO heritage listed Tallinn Old Town.


Tallinn Song Festival Grounds – home to National Song festival, an event held every five years where people from all over the country gather to listen to choir of more than 30,000 singers.


Jõmmu Barge – The Jõmmu is an old-fashioned timber vessel, a re-creation of the type that transported goods on Estonian waterways from Hanseatic times until the mid-20th century. The Jõmmu sails on the waterways of south Estonia – the Emajõgi River, Lake Peipus and Lake Võrtsjärv – from the start of April to the end of November. The barge can be booked for groups for a range of excursions and events, from simple, relaxing sightseeing tours to fantastic thematic trips such as ‘Bat Watching’, ‘Stargazing with an Astronomer’, ‘Enjoying the Sunset’, ‘Bird Song’, ‘Seto Culture’ and even a ‘Pancake Morning’. The tours start in Tartu.


Teras Beach Tallinn – Here’s one beach where you’ll never have to worry about the weather! Teras is a completely indoor beach club offering 700 square meters of pure white sand heated to a comfortable 26 degrees for that perfect summertime feeling. The venue is ideal for beach volleyball, beach tennis or any beach-themed party or event, no matter what time of year.


Noblessner ShipyardSitting on the shoreline a few metres from the capital’s Seaplane Harbour attraction, the shipyard comprises multiple structures from various decades of the 20th century. The building that hosts events is a decidedly raw-looking, Soviet-era colossus measuring over 1,500 m2 in area. It comes with 20 m ceilings and massive sliding doors that open towards Tallinn Bay. It’s this vast scale, rough look and bay views that have made Noblessner a sought-after locale.


Contact us for further information on any of those venues!

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager