Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum


This outdoor museum, set in a forest park on the northwest coast of the city, presents a fascinating way to see how Estonians lived centuries ago. It’s essentially a collection of recreated villages from the 19th and early 20th centuries, complete with farm houses, windmills, water mills, a school house, church and a pub. There are 72 historic structures in all, which were moved from their original locations around the country and rebuilt here. Museum staff wearing period-appropriate costume demonstrate how work was done and crafts were made in the days of old.

Conferences and other events can be held in two genuine 19th-century buildings – the Kolu Inn and the Kuie School – as well as at the new Seto Farm and the Peipus-Russian dwelling.

Name of Hall Theatre Class Board Reception Banquet Area (m²)
Kolu Inn Stable 150 100 50 150 50 187
Kuie School Seminar Room 40 25 20 113
Kolu Inn Squires´ Chamber 20 24
Seto Farm Barn Room 40 30 30 50 50 60
Kanuti Seminar Room 20