Need inspiration for an engaging and fun company event as you bring your workforce back together? AS fresh team event ideas are currently in high demand, you have put you together a list of best activities and experiences available in Pärnu! Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu is a place full of activities both for the adventurous and for those looking to relax. Although we have listed a good variety of activities and experiences below, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for check out the Visit Pärnu website.

Discover Pärnu on an Electric Scooter

An exciting change from a standard tourist excursion in the city, an electric scooter tour offers plenty of fun with stops at key sights and hidden gems. Hear enthralling stories about the city and its history from your guide. The tour can begin and end at any location of your choosing.

Open Air Yoga

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the day invigorated after a fresh air yoga session, or perhaps you’d prefer to unwind from the day with a yoga session instead? The yoga studio named “Paljajalu” translating to ‘barefoot’ offers yoga sessions out in the open air during the summer season, in a location of your choice. There are plenty of beautiful spots where you can unroll your mat and switch off your mind, including Pärnu beach. Yoga mats are provided.

Night Spa

Have you ever been to a spa at night? From the hours of 21:00 to 00:00, you can book the entire Hedon Spa bathing area and the Quiet Spa area exclusively to yourself! The night spa experience is a great way to spend time relaxing with your team of colleagues, business partners or even just a group of your friends. Each guest receives body care products specifically designed for sauna rituals, and for a variety of spa experiences guests will have access to 5 different saunas and several swimming pools.

Design Meets Wine Workshop 

Vaas&Vaas is a family run company specializing in design workshops for all kinds of wooden kitchen and cooking utensils such as wooden cutting boards, wooden spatulas, salad forks, wooden dough rollers, butter knives and keychains, with emphasis on unique Estonian crafts and natural wood. A wine tasting experience can be included with the workshop if desired.

Surf Camp

Pärnu and summer on the beach go hand in hand together, and what better way to spend your time on the beach than learning to surf? Organize a one-day long surf camp, where regardless of age and physical capability, a suitable style of surfing will be found for everyone. Bright-eyed instructors will lead the day, ensuring everyone will end up a surfer in their own right by the end. With the guidance of a variety of different instructors you can learn to windsurf, fly a training kite, SUP paddle board, kayak and skim board. After the activities of the day, you can unwind with cocktails and finger food, listening music from one of the many tavernas and beach restaurants.

Pool Party with an Underwater Team Photo

Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa offers the unique opportunity to reserve the entire spa & sauna centre so you can host your own exclusive pool party. For live music and entertainment, a stage will be placed in the middle of the large pool and the bar will serve an exclusive specialty drinks menu catered to the guests of the party. You will have the opportunity to book an underwater photographer to stage creative underwater shots such as a business meeting at the bottom of the pool.

Get Active on the Golf Course

Just a 15-minute drive outside of Pärnu lie two of the most high-level golf courses in Estonia. The first, White Beach Golf s a links type golf course with 18 courses, located in the immediate vicinity of Valgeranna, known as the most beautiful beach in the bay of Pärnu. The Audru River winds along White Beach Golf, with an array of artificial lakes and artificial domes surrounding the area, bringing more excitement and adventure to the day through these sights second golf course, Pärnu Bay Golf, the first links-type golf course of the Baltics, is located on the other side of town at Tahkuranna, facing the open sea and has been mentioned as in the world’s TOP 100 golf courses.  In terms of difficulty, this golf course offers a real challenge even for a professional golfer. This seaside golf course was awarded with being the best in the country by the World Golf Awards in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Discover the World of Cider Making

Visit the special Jaanihanso cider farm in Pärnu, situated in the village of Kaelas, to see and taste cider made from local and seasonal Estonian apples. The family running the business will tour guests around the factory and apple orchard, offering the tasting of five different kinds of ciders along with some snacks at the end of the tour.

Chef’s table at Villa Ammende

Chef’s table is a concept that has spread around the world and typically includes the chef cooking in front of the guest’s dinner table which is brought into the kitchen.  At Villa Ammendes, the head chef brings the kitchen to the guests sitting in the banquet hall! The Head chef prepares the first course at a special chef’s table in the banquet hall, while discussing the knowledge he has acquired during his cooking career, as well as talking about interesting aspects of life as a chef in Estonia and around the world. This is a nice bonding activity that will also provide guests with food for thought and plenty of material to reflect on and talk about the next day. In other words, this experience will provide you with a memory for life.

Wine Tasting at Valgeranna Vineyard

A 10-minute drive from Pärnu, by an area called Audru, lies a rustic manor with a vineyard, called “Valgeranna Veinitall” now almost a few hundered years old. Delight in the experience of tasting five different kinds of wines, provided by Mamm & Frukt, an urban wine company who run the production and have been doing so since 2015. Wine in Estonia is typically made from berries and sometimes other fruits. Here you will have the opportunity to try wine from a variety of berries, while hearing about the production methods, history, and the composition of these wines, as well as getting a better understanding of the Estonian wine culture. On offer is also a tour of the Audru manor, with the local Baroness as your host and guide.

Sailing in Pärnu Bay or Around the Small Islands

Sailing in Pärnu Bay and the surrounding small islands is a nice way for colleagues, friends, or business partners to spend time together while getting some fresh air and experiencing the thrill of the sea. This is a great activity specifically for teamwork, as experienced captains and stewards will show you the ropes aboard and teach good boatmanship. This trip can be a fun experience, regardless of the weather, but be sure to bring swimwear if going in the summer so you can stop for a swim while basking in the warm sun.

Take a Day Trip to Kihnu Island

The island of Kihnu, Estonia’s 7th largest island in the Gulf of Riga, is included in Unesco’s list of “The world’s Spiritual Heritage” due to its strong cultural background and traditions, preserved from centuries back. Kihnu can be reached by ferry from Munalaiu harbour (40 km from Pärnu) or by yacht directly from Pärnu. While there, travel back in time and immerse yourself in the culture by listening to the Kihnu accent and witnessing locals in their traditional handmade folk outfits which are still worn on a daily basis to this day. There are plenty of activities to partake in while on the island, such as a tour of the island by truck, a lunch of fresh fish, a visit to the lighthouse and Kihnu museum, or a dance workshop. For those looking to break a sweat, a tour of the island can be taken by bike. As the highest and steepest part of the island is 8 meters above sea level, cycling through the island is more than doable and will offer a different perspective.

Experience a Rush of Adrenaline on the Porsche Race Circuit

Pärnu is home to what is likely the best race circuit in all the Nordic countries. Car and racing enthusiasts can choose from different driving experiences or even put their own machines to the test. On offer are a number of different driving experiences with cars owned by the circuit. The most popular are “Nano Endurance” with the Toyota GT86 and “5 laps” with the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) Adventure

Unlike most water sports which require hours of practice, paddle boarding is a simple and incredibly fun, inclusive activity that requires no prior experience. It is, therefore, suitable for men and women, the young and old, the athletic and the sedentary. Pärnu’s shallow and sandy bay creates excellent conditions for everyone to enjoy a SUP paddle boarding trip. Dependent on the wishes of the participants as well as the weather conditions, the trip can be carried out either at sea or on the Pärnu River.

Fishing Competition

Take part in a fishing competition on Sauga river, where teams go head-to-head and compare catches. There are different competition categories to choose from, such as: catching the largest fish, catching the smallest fish, and catching the largest quantity of fish. No prior fishing experience is needed, as the organizers at hand will be there to teach you all you need to know to enter and compete, as well as offering up some tips and tricks to bait and hook a fish.

Accommodation and meeting rooms in Pärnu Town and Pärnu County

There are a lot of great accommodation options available in Pärnu. For groups and events, there are plenty of hotels catering to different needs. There are a total of almost 2500 hotel rooms in the town of Pärnu alone, let alone other options across the county. Strand SPA & Conference Hotel is known for having the biggest conference hall and has a total of 187 rooms and 374 beds. For those wanting to be right on the beach, ‘Rannahotell’, translating to ‘Beach Hotel’ has 55 rooms and 99 beds. The luxurious Hedon Spa & Hotel, known for being located on the site of an ancient mudbath has 75 rooms and 143 beds. For those looking for something extra fancy, the Art Nouveau style Villa Ammende has 19 rooms and 36 beds. Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa is known for its relaxing spa and pool complex, with 106 rooms and 210 beds. The newest spa hotel in Pärnu is Wasa Resort, with 74 rooms and 148 beds. Among other options are Villa Vesset with 36 rooms and 73 beds and Tervis Medical Spa Hotel, a spa treatment hotel with 260 rooms and 498 beds. Seminar rooms without accommodation can be booked at Pernova Nature House and at Pärnu Sports Centre’s stadium.

Outside the city there are plenty of fun accommodation options, where entire complexes can be rented for events. Among others are Lepanina Hotel (34 rooms, 76 beds), Klaara-Mann Recreation and Seminar Centre (20 rooms, 78 beds), Uueda Holiday Centre (13 rooms, 32 beds), Maria Farm (25 rooms, 50 beds) and Ojako Recreation and Training Centre (20 rooms, 65 beds). All of them are located in beautiful places, many right by the sea.

Event management companies can help you create the right itinerary!

To ensure your trip goes smoothly, there are a number of event management companies who can help you create an itinerary ensuring everything that needs to get done gets done. For example – Jolos, Hype, Blue Drum, Orangetime and Miltton EventsReiser OÜ can further assist with the organisation of seminars and training days.


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