Creative Ways to Liven Up Digital Events by Conference Expert

People’s online attention span is lower  attending a virtual conference, so  it is important to make not only the sessions but also the break times as playful and refreshing as they can be. Conference Expert, one of Estonia’s most seasoned PCOs, has come up with several great ideas to liven up virtual events.

Estonian folk dance course

Have you always dreamt about dancing like an Estonian? Well here’s your chance! Get up, make some room for yourself and let’s get started.

Renowned Estonian choreographer will show you the basic steps to our folk dance Kaerajaan. It is a fun activity, which you can do at your home, while dancing with your fellow participants. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you all dancing at our next Dance Festival in 2024!

On this short Estonian folk dance course an experienced dancer and choreographer will teach all the participants one of Estonia’s well know folk dance Kaerajaan. It is a fun way to get yourself moving  after a long day of interesting and information packed presentations. And once all the steps have been learnt, it will be just like your own small Dance Festival – all of the participants dancing simultaneously!

Add a little spice to your webinar with some desk yoga

Having trouble keeping focus during a webinar? No worries! There’s nothing a little desk yoga can’t fix. Breathe in and stretch out between presentations. Your mind and body will thank you for it. On this short desk yoga break, an experienced yoga teacher will show you some stretches that help to release excess tension and stiffness in your shoulders and clear your mind. No special equipment needed, just let yourself be guided through the poses! After just a few minutes you will feel more energized and restored. 

An art exhibition of your own

Learn something new that awakens your inner artist. Paper and a pencil is all you need! Divided into separate groups, you will be given a special object to draw and our experienced teachers will guide you through the process and give you different tips and ideas. This short course is suitable for everyone and does not require any previous experience. Just go with the flow and let yourself to be guided in the art of drawing. After you all have finished, get back to share your art and great a spectacular and unique exhibition, presented exclusively only on that very moment! It may be the start of something new in your life or give you a new hobby.

A smoothie revolution

Could you imagine tens, hundreds, thousands of people making smoothie at the same time, just like a little health revolution? Let’s give it a try! In this smoothie tutorial class, nutrition expert will walk you through the different components that make up a seriously powerful, nutrient rich, and tasty smoothie. We’ll give you the shopping list, so you’ll have everything you need  and a recipe, that has specially been put together for the event. Together, let’s make one simple change towards health!

Host a quiz to energize your audience

Make your webinar exciting and increase the energy level with fun and interactive quizzes! Either webinar themed or funny facts, quiz is a good way to keep you audience engaged and entertained. For example do you know what the scientific term “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia” stand for? Maybe some of your guests does!

Conference Expert is an Estonian full service PCO, organising local and international meetings and conferences. They also offer services for putting together virtual and hybrid events. See more on their services at their website 


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager