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Today, we introduce to you a company dedicated to organizing team events in nature and helping participants escape the everyday routine by taking them to an inspiring natural environment. This company is . We asked Signe Ohakas, the company’s CEO, what is involved in

Let’s start with some background information – What is organises team-building activities and memorable travel experiences for team events in the wilderness all over Estonia. Our goal is to help teams break out of their daily routine, find new energy from an inspiring natural setting, and strengthen their bond over the course of a rewarding conference tour.

What kind of programmes/services do you offer to groups?

We offer a variety of hikes, workshops, outdoor mobile games, and culinary  experiences in Estonia. In ensuring memorable team-building activities for bringing your teams together in Tallinn/Estonia, we organise hikes in the woods and in bogs along boardwalks. Bogshoe hiking facilitates a more intimate understanding, as you can feel the movement of the bog under your feet. Time has an entirely different meaning when moving through the water on a kayak, canoe, or SUP board, and the views are quite unlike what you would see on shore. We offer outdoor mobile games that teams can play to develop their creative thinking and teamwork. These can be played both in the wilderness and in urban environments. Rappelling provides both an adrenaline boost and an invaluable opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. We organise a wide variety of workshops, including wilderness survival, orienteering, or bushcraft, where a useful item is crafted with the help of a skilled instructor, while our professional chefs offer culinary experiences in the wilderness. We also organise teamwork trainings and e-fatbike tours with our partners. provides a comprehensive service where we help you find accommodation and transport in addition to organising activities and providing catering in the wilderness.

What is an outdoor mobile game in the wilderness or in urban environments?

An outdoor mobile game is a team-building game played in the Loquiz app for those who are adventure enthusiasts. This smart activity develops teamwork and problem-solving skills and makes outdoor activities exciting. Striving for a common goal makes the games engaging and connects team members.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are primarily Estonian companies or international companies operating in Estonia. Team members explore the wilderness with their department or the entire organisation. Increasingly, we are arranging incentive programmes and events for corporate clients who do not have a direct connection to Estonia, but who bring their employees here, because of Estonia’s growing reputation as a unique and exciting destination.

Where in Estonia do you offer your programmes?

The vast majority of our services take place in the Lahemaa National Park and Põhja-Kõrvemaa regions, as they are close to Tallinn. However, we can organise events all over Estonia. Among other places, we have taken groups to the island of Hiiumaa, the industrial landscape in Ida-Virumaa (Eastern part of Estonia), Soomaa bogs, and the rolling hills of Karula National Park. So if you’re looking for an incentive programme or post-conference tour your guests will be sure to talk about for years to come, we’re here to help!

What kind of programmes do you offer conferences ? How long do they last?

For conference attendees, we offer both pre- and post- tours or networking activities. We take an individual and flexible approach to each event, creating programmes and providing a life-affirming networking activity based on the client’s specific wishes and the possibilities we offer. We can provide activities with varying durations – from a few hours to overnight trips.

What experiences from your range do you recommend for those seeking an adrenaline boost?

We offer a wide variety of authentic experiences and nature activities for thrill-seekers. Participants can challenge themselves and gain new skills on a kayak trip. Rappelling from the top of a lookout tower or the wall of a building provides a powerful rush of adrenaline, as does riding an e-fatbike through ever-changing landscapes.

What is your most popular programme?

Packages combining a hike and survival training, or a hike and teamwork training, are very popular and help create unforgettable experiences. As everyone gets hungry after spending time in the wilderness, a three-course pop-up forest restaurant offering unique culinary experiences is often added to the hike. There is nothing better than returning from an invigorating hike and finding a table covered by a white tablecloth, surrounded by pristine natural beauty.

Tell us about your experiences – what you’ve observed and what your international guests like about your programmes. What surprises them?

Guests coming to Estonia greatly appreciate the beauty and diversity of our natural landscape and just how quickly you can get from the city to the wilderness. Here you can find serenity amidst the untouched natural environment. The majority of clients find the bogs to be exotic and visiting them is a first-time experience for nearly everyone. International visitors have also been surprised by the high quality of the services and food here. It really is a great way to bring your people together and motivate your team.

How can someone book your programmes?

If you want to explore the wilderness with us and enjoy memorable team-building activities in Estonia, including Tallinn, please send us an inquiry via our homepage or Facebook: – Team Events in Nature, or by email to

And one more question: is special clothing required on your hikes? Conference attendees do not usually bring hiking clothes.

In general, comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for outdoor activities or exercise can be used on hikes. Hiking boots or rubber boots (we can also lend you the latter) are best suited for bogshoeing. It is always worth packing a raincoat in your bag. The wilderness is wonderful at any time of the year, which is why at Wanderlust, our motto is: there is no such thing as bad weather if you have the right clothing. We always give clothing recommendations before each event.




Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager