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Best Post-Meeting Tours and Adventures in Tallinn Old Town

Picturesque Tallinn’s old town, a UNESCO world heritage site, is considered to be one of the best-preserved and most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. First mentioned in 1154, Tallinn is s filled with a wealth of historic sites one can discover.  As soon as you pass through Viru Gate, you’ll feel like you just went back in time about 500 years – authentic cobblestone streets, old churches, picture-perfect merchant houses, which date back to the early Middle Ages.

There is no question that most conference delegates will want to lay eyes upon it while attending an event in Estonia. Adding an Old Town programme into your event social programme is a move your delegates will definitely appreciate! The enchanting cobbled streets of a medieval city are also a perfect playground for fun and entertaining teambuilding activities. Let us bring you the most popular Tallinn Old Town tours and adventures to choose from:

Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour

Enjoy a delightful stroll and get a brief overview of our history, culture and architecture. The tour covers all of the most important interesting and significant sites of Lower and Upper Old Town, each with their own story to tell. Admire the fortified medieval Town Wall with many towers, the impressive over 600-year-old Gothic Town Hall, the Town Hall Square, the elaborately decorated Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Houses of Estonian Parliament.  Experience the magnificent panoramic views from Toompea Hills over the medieval Old Town and the rest of the city of Tallinn. Provided by: all local DMCs

Myths and Legends of Old Town Tallinn

This tour contains exciting tales and legends of Estonia’s capital! During the walking tour you will hear exciting tales and legends of Tallinn, both Upper and Lower Town, see haunted houses and step in to the oldest still operating pharmacy in Europe (dating back to 1422). The bat powder and snakeskin potion are no longer on sale, but you will still try the sweet marzipan and the special pharmacy drink. Provided by: Baltic Tours

Ghost Tour in Tallinn Old Town

Learn about the surprising secrets behind many landmarks of Tallinn. When the sun goes down and Tallinn crosses over to the dark side, dive into the night and 700 years back in time for the morbid ghost stories, eerie legends and the old myths. Provided by: Conference Expert

Medieval Life in Old Tallinn

Get a glimpse of medieval life in Old Tallinn told by costumed storyteller. The most exciting places will be introduced. The storyteller will share fascinating facts about the professions in the Middle Ages like the sauna man, the executioner, monks and prostitutes. During the walk you hear the true stories about existed persons, urban legends of past times and experience the Medieval tavern spirit and food. Provided by: Baltic Tours

Handicraft workshops in Old Town

Tallinn’s Old Town is filled with little secret gardens, pathways and unnoticeable streets where craftsmen spend their hours blowing glass, making pottery or hats, knitwear or almost whatever your mind can come up with. Keep your eyes open and find some of Tallinn’s masters showing their craft. Just hop into small cellars and little workshops to see what are they making. You can ask the artists questions and leave with a beautiful piece. Provided by: Blue Drum Events

Old Town Orienteering Adventure (Team-building)

This is a competitive adventure that takes players to most popular sights. First, the participants are divided into small groups (3-5 persons in the each team). The goal is to find answers to the Old Town related questions. Each team gets electronic device that leads them around the streets. The questions pop up automatically when the group reaches the question point. Team members need to work together and be attentive in order to find the right answer. Adventure start and finish point can be chosen anywhere in the city or you can end the game in the restaurant where the dinner is planned. The event can be organised all year-round as well as done in the dark, at night. The LED head lamp and a reflector to each participant are provided. Group size: from 10 to 700 participants. Provided by: Blue Drum Events

Photo Hunt (Team-Building)

Get to know Tallinn during a playful team building activity discovering medieval old town treasures with a camera. Tallinn Old Town Photo Hunt Game is a fun team exercise for colleagues and friends alike. The team’s mission is to find the attractions on images given to them and come up with the most creative photo including all team members.  Each photo also includes an unexpected theme and an informative city fact, a legend or a story to help your team out. Active photo hunting will be followed by an award ceremony with viewing of the photos  –  enjoy the unique scenes, creative compositions and hilarious faces in peculiar situations! Provided by: Baltic Tours

Make-a-Movie Film Festival (Team-Building)

Everyone watches and loves movies. So what better way to stretch your team’s creativity and communication skills then have them plan, script, direct, perform and edit their very own 5 minute cinematic masterpiece. Whatever your occasion or objective you can be sure that your team’s are in for an entertaining, rewarding and above all motivational team building experience. „Film Festival” is a great team building activity. The scenario of this TallinnFilm Clip Shooting team building starts with the missing clips for the big Film Festival event. Your team will have to save the day and create Film Clips to go on a big screen in the evening.This fun and entertaining team building requires all the team member to do the best affords to shooting the film clips / trailers – actors, camera man, screen writer all the skills are needed. The aim is to create 5 trailers and not to forget to enjoy the game!

There are 5 film categories to be awarded: Nature movie, horror, action, advertisement and home video. Each movie company has to make 5 treilers – one in each category. When everything is ready, the show will start – Fun Day Film Festival. All clips will be watched on a big screen and members of Film Academy (one member from each team) will rate the results – category by category. After the hilarious screening of each trailer during the wrap party, judges will announce the winning team and award prizes to the talente winners! Provided by: Baltic Tours

500 Years Back in Time walking tour with mysterious pit stops

To give you a real feel for what Old Town was like in its heyday, Blue Drum has created an adventure called “500 Years Back in Time.” This 2-3 hour walking tour is led by Old Thomas, the city guard who has been a symbol of Tallinn since the early 1500s or medieval merchants. As your group makes its way through the curving, cobblestone streets of this charming area, you’ll be met by mystical heroes from times past, sample medieval food and partake in secret tastings. They takes you back in time, 500 years, to 1517. This is the journey, where you’ll forget the modern time and notice things differently than just looking around by yourself in Old Town of Tallinn. Through colourful legends, exciting facts, myths, tastings and arcane folklore, the unique story of Estonia and Tallinn’s early years is introduced to both local history buffs and foreign tourists. Expect tastings of secret, medieval food, drinks and interesting tasks with funny stories. Provided by: Blue Drum Events

Medieval or modern culinary adventure in Old Town

You can explore a country with your eyes and ears, but really understanding a culture means using your taste buds and your tummy.  Why serve your guests an ordinary lunch or dinner when you can treat them to a truly extraordinary culinary adventure during this customized gourmet experience. Enjoy the best local food & drinks as we take you on a walking tour of Old Town where you experience local specialities and learn about the city and local culture. Intrigued? Hungry? We’ve selected several locals around Old Town that stand out and are famous of their dishes made from fresh local products by their unique recipe. This professionally guided tour may also include hands-on workshops or specific tastings by your choice. Fancy foodies can enjoy specialities of the top chefs who are credited with bringing international prestige to the nation’s cuisine dedicated to a natural, organic, wild and fair-trade with personal and stylish cuisine served in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. You can customize this culinary adventure by your budget, schedule and food preferences or eating habits, tradionally we offer medieval theme. Provided by: Blue Drum Events







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