Pop Up Forest Restaurant

For a truly unique experience, combine Estonia’s best – breathtaking natural landscapes, authentic outdoor adventures and rustic (yet extremely tasty!)  dishes. There is nothing quite as refreshing as being able to enjoy locally-sourced high-quality meals in the comfort of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. 

Start off with selecting a hike or outdoor activity of your choosing – we suggest bog walking, bushwalking, canoeing, fat bike riding or kayaking – and let our experienced partners take care of the rest! The pop-up team will set up an outdoor restaurant at any prepared campfire site near the adventure path you choose, even if it’s deep in the woods. The experience is served in a beautiful natural setting and cooked right in front of your eyes on a live fire. Depending on the experience you wish, we can even organise the head chef to prepare the meals for you in person and share stories about the dishes.   A pop-up restaurant is an exciting way to turn a birthday, training or corporate event into a memorable occasion.

And the best part? Pop-up restaurants are set up to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible! There are no plastic utensils, no plates, and no garden bowls. There is a live fire, logs, stoves, camp pots and a wicker coffee pot. The dishes can be pre-selected from a menu before coming to the event, to ensure everyone feels well-fed and satisfied after their outdoor experience. 


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