Traditional Estonian Party at the Open Air Museum

Experience a traditional Estonian Party in an authentic Estonian environment, with traditional food and drinks, local musicians, and other fun entertainment. Estonian parties typically take place at the Rocca al-Mare Open Air Museum, where you can get a closer look at real Estonian villages and ancient authentic farmhouses. Set in a tranquil forest park just outside central Tallinn, the museum presents a collection of nearly 80 historical buildings dating from the late 1600s to the early 1900s, all relocated here from various regions within the country. Among these architectural gems are thatched-roof farmhouses, wind and watermills, a 17th-century church, a fire station, an inn, and a schoolhouse. Museum guides dressed in costume demonstrate farm and household activities, offer horse and carriage rides, sell handicrafts, and serve traditional Estonian

Due to the ability to handle a vast capacity, it is a perfect networking activity also for larger groups.

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