Jewellery Making Workshop with Estonian Designer Kriss Eglite

Are you in search of a distinctive and memorable group activity in Estonia? Join an exclusive jewellery making workshop led by the renowned Estonian designer Kriss Eglite, the creative force behind New Vintage by Kriss– brand Participants can look forward to unleashing their creativity, bonding with friends or colleagues, and taking home a one-of-a-kind souvenir from their Estonian adventure.

Activity Highlights:

Create Your Own Jewellery: Participants can choose between crafting a stunning bracelet or a pair of elegant earrings under the expert guidance of Kriss Eglite. No prior experience is required – only a creative spirit is necessary!

 Discover Estonian Craftsmanship: The world of Estonian design comes to life as Kriss shares her techniques, stories, and the philosophy behind “New Vintage by Kriss.” Participants can learn about the brand’s mission to empower women and embrace individuality.

 Group Bonding: Attendees can enjoy quality time in a spacious studio filled with a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Collaboration on design decisions, shared laughter, and mutual assistance during the creative process are encouraged.

 Fully Equipped Workshop: All the necessary materials and tools are provided to ensure a seamless jewellery making experience. Additionally, participants can indulge in delicious snacks to maintain their energy levels!

 Unleash Your Creativity: Imagination is the only limit as attendees work with beautiful stones and materials to craft a piece of jewellery that reflects their style and personality.

 Make Memories in Estonia: Traditional souvenirs can’t compare – attendees can visit Estonia and create lasting memories with loved ones or colleagues through a fun and creative jewellery making workshop.

Group Size: 6-16 persons

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