Motor Paintball

Duration 2 hours

Using cars gives paintball an extra dimension and many more opportunities for different battle scenarios. You can use the cars as tank, as cover or ambush and drive by shooting etc. There are different vehicles: cars ,vans, convertable cars, Russian army military trucks etc. That’s right – you will drive the cars and shoot at the same time!

You have a chance to play in the most diverse paintball area in Tallinn just 30 minutes drive from city center. It is a former missile base from 2nd Word War with different buildings, bunkers, trench systems. The area has been developed every year and there are also many car wrecks like different military trucks, Tram, BTR, PAZ bus, GAZ-71 and many more that will be used in all battle scenarios. There are 8 different game types on a 15 hectare area.

Their car park for motor paintball is very wide (over 30 different vehicles) – they have small cars, SWAT-vans, convertable cars, Ural, that will be used in different game types depending from the group size and weather conditions.

Paintball gear is almost new. There are only thermal-lenses masks, that means they will not get foggy inside. Also the best paintballs and markers are used. Weatherproof shoes and clothes under the overalls you have to have yourself. There is 200 bullets in the start and extra paintballs can be bought at venue with 15€ 500-bag.

Activity duration approximately 2 hours.

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