Local Brewery Visit

Get to know Estonian craft beer!

The tradition of brewing in Estonia traces back many centuries. What adds to the allure for beer enthusiasts is the Estonians’ embrace of local ingredients such as rye, birch, and juniper to craft intriguing and flavourful brews. Stop at a local craft brewery and learn about the art of beer making and the different styles of craft beer!

Põhjala Brewery Tour in Tallinn

Situated in the up-and-coming Noblessner district of Tallinn, Põhjala Brewery is just a 10-minute drive from the city center. Their Tap Room offers a selection of 24 Põhjala and guest beers on tap, complemented by Texas BBQ. Continuously experimenting to refine their craft and expand their repertoire of styles, Põhjala utilises various barrels including bourbon, cognac, sherry, and tequila to age their innovative creations, resulting in unique flavour profiles achieved through the blending of distinctly different beers.

The brewery’s architecture is characterised by impressive industrial design, featuring high ceilings and a prime location near the sea, port, and city center. For those curious about the process of crafting world-class beer, guided factory tours are available. These tours typically entail a 45-minute exploration of the production facilities, providing insights into beer-making techniques and the brewery’s operations, accompanied by tastings of 3–4 different beers.

With seating for up to 120 guests at seated events and over 200 for receptions, the Tap Room offers ample space for gatherings and events.

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