Chocolate workshop

Learn how to delight your sweetheart or friends with a special treat – homemade chocolate candies and sweets. You might even discover your talent as a master chocolatier!

During the workshop, participants will receive an introduction to the fundamental principles, essential ingredients, and techniques of confectionery. Each participant will have the opportunity to craft up to eight distinct chocolate candies, which they can enjoy on-site or package beautifully in a gift box to take home. Once all the candies are prepared, indulge your sweet cravings further by dipping fruits into chocolate at the fondue station.

The workshop includes instructions, necessary tools, a fondue table stocked with fruits, eight truffles packaged in a box, recipes, and a coffee break.

There are several options for the workshop

  • in Kalev Chocolate Shop, located in the historical Rotermann Quarter, downtown Tallinn.
  • in Chocolala, Estonian confectionery company specialized in luxury handmade chocolate and small-batch, bean-to-bar products.

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