WIP Maakri Joins Estonian Convention Bureau as 50th Member!

We are thrilled to kick off 2024 on a highly productive note as we welcome several new members to the Estonian Convention Bureau family. Today, we are delighted to announce a special milestone: WIP Maakri event space has become our 50th member!

WIP Maakri’s Flagship Center: Redefining Meeting Spaces

Located in the heart of Tallinn, WIP Maakri’s flagship center offers world-class meeting space solutions designed to foster creativity and collaboration. Whether you’re hosting team meetings, training sessions, or important discussions, their rooms seamlessly combine functionality and comfort. The experience is further enhanced by complimentary coffee, upside-down flowers, soft lighting, and lush green oases. With an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate, they have truly set a high standard in the industry.

More Than Just a Space Rental

WIP Maakri goes beyond traditional space rental. They are your go-to for smart and sustainable meeting services, offering effortless event organization with just a few clicks, available at various locations worldwide. Their services include instant and easy booking, complete with snacks, complimentary coffee and water, calendar invites, and personalized, friendly service.

Convenient Location and Professional Service

Situated conveniently between Swissotel Tallinn and Radisson Collection Hotel, Tallinn, WIP Maakri provides lodging options within 100 meters. Their central location means you’re surrounded by top restaurants and bars, with Tallinn’s Old Town just a 5-minute stroll away. With over two decades of experience in organizing international seminars, workshops, and large events, WIP’s professional team ensures a seamless and memorable experience.

A Space Born Out of Innovation

WIP Maakri was created to fill a market gap for quality and creativity in event spaces. Their rooms are equipped with high-quality conference tech, making them perfect for hosting hybrid events. Booking is swift, the ambiance is cozy, and their service is characterized by warm smiles. You can easily book their rooms online, and for full-center bookings, reaching out directly guarantees a quick response.

Explore WIP Maakri’s Impressive Meeting Spaces:

  • Lost Unicorn: A unique space with a 6-meter whiteboard, ideal for up to 16 people.
  • Meet & Talk: A versatile room accommodating up to 20 people, favored by trainers.
  • Upside Down: Their largest room, accommodating up to 65 people (85 when combined with Meet & Talk).
  • Garden View: Seats up to 30 and offers a view into a serene courtyard.
  • Ward Brain Room: A cozy space for 6, located in their wardrobe, with its own unique story.

Please find further information at their web site

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager