PROTO Invention Factory in Noblessner Shipyward will be opened in Tallinn

In October 2019 PROTO invention factory, a secret laboratory where visitors can discover and experience the wonders of invention, will open in Tallinn. It is not simply a museum, science park or gaming center – it unites all three!

With the aid of virtual reality and experiments, a true invention laboratory will come to life in the PROTO Invention Factory. Exhibits in the invention center focus on the time period from the mid-19th to early 20th century, when science developed at a breakneck pace. Submarines, aviation engines, automobiles and scientific experiments from electricity to photography are evidence of the great fervor that characterized the approach to science at that time.

We have created an authentic and integral space, where great inventions of this time as well as crazy experiments are exhibited for visitors to see, discover and try out for themselves.

PROTO Invention Factory is located in the historic building of Noblessner foundry. The submarine shipyard at Noblessner was founded in 1912 by two St. Petersburg businessmen Emanuel Nobel and Arthur Lessner. The fact that from 1913 to 1917 the Noblessner Shipyard produced 12 modern submarines was the quality mark of the shipyard and made it the most important submarine shipyard in the Russian Empire. Today, the Noblessner Foundry is included in the extensive renovation and development works at the Noblessner Quarter, aimed at making the old industrial region into a part of the modern urban space.

In addition to PROTO invention factory, the foundry hosts a spacious 645 m² event hall, two conference rooms, comfortable study halls, gift shop and a café.

PROTO Invention Factory will be opened to the public on 19 October 2019.

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Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager