Tallinn launches support grant for international conferences

From 2023, Tallinn will offer financial subvention for international conference organisers. The main goals of this grant include increasing the number of foreign visitors to Tallinn and decreasing the seasonality of tourism.

The maximum grant for one conference can be up to 30,000 euros. Compensated costs may include venue rent, organising costs, reception costs, AV services, promotional materials and tours.

Eligible conferences

– Foreign delegates come from at least two countries
– Min. 50 foreign delegates attending
– Conference programme lasts for at least two consecutive days in Tallinn
– The conference takes place between 1 September to 31 May
– The conference takes place within 12 months of the grant application
– Eligible to apply: private or public legal entity, registered in Estonia
– Applicable conference types include academic/association and business conferences.

Conferences will be evaluated based on the number of foreign delegates taking part in the conference, the duration of the conference programme, the conference month, and the type. The grant recipient must organise the conference in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Additional information: Visit Tallinn Convention Bureau

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager