New coronavirus restrictions from August 26

From August 26, masks must be worn in public indoor areas in Estonia where COVID-19 certificates are not checked. This includes public transportation, shops, shopping centers, banks, post offices, etc.

The COVID-19 certificate must be presented from August 26 onwards for all the following activities and events, both indoors and outdoors, in public places.

This means that the COVID-19 certificate must be presented for sport, training, youth work, hobby activities and education, refresher training and further training; sporting competitions and events; saunas, spas, water parks and swimming pools; at public meetings and events, including theater, cinema, concerts, conferences; museums and exhibitions; entertainment services; eating and drinking on site at catering establishments. All participants must also be checked for infection safety when the activity or event takes place at a place for the provision of service, such as when renting a restaurant or ordering a theater performance.

The COVID-19 certificate does not need to be checked for outdoor events with unlimited territory.

The COVID-19 certificate does not need to be presented in shopping centers or stores. It is also not necessary to prove one’s infection safety when buying food for takeaway from a restaurant or cafe. However, as indicated above, a mask must be worn in these places or cases.

The COVID-19 certificate indicates whether the person has recovered from COVID-19, has been vaccinated or deemed equal to a vaccinated person, or has proof of a negative coronavirus test result.

Further information:

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Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager