The Estonian Convention Bureau follows the recommendations of the Estonian authorities in regards to Covid-19. Below you will find links to relevant sites along with main measures and temporary adjustments imposed in Estonia.

Last updated April 4th, 2022

As of April 3rd 2022, Estonia is removing its COVID-19 restrictions. From that day onwards, there will no longer be limitations on e.g., the number of people that can gather at any kind of business event, no mandatory masks, and no COVID-19 passport requirements – but people are still encouraged to remember good habits.  Estonia’s coronavirus travel restrictions were eased and simplified from April 1st. It is no longer be necessary to show a coronavirus certificate when traveling from most European countries.


Public events, business meetings, conferences and activities

  • Public meetings and events are allowed in Estonia
  • There is no limit to the number of participants
  • There is no social distancing rule in place in Estonia

Face Masks

  • Face Masks are no longer required (from April, 3rd onwards)

Event Catering

There is not any special requirement for event catering in Estonia.

Accommodation Facilities 

Hotels are are open.

Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants, bars, cafes, and other catering establishments are open for indoor and outdoor dining

Shops, supermarkets, shopping centers

Stores are open.

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