The Estonian Convention Bureau follows the recommendations of the Estonian authorities in regards to Covid-19. Below you will find links to relevant sites along with main measures and temporary adjustments imposed in Estonia.

Last updated January 18, 2022

Public events, business meetings, conferences and activities

  • Public meetings and events are allowed in Estonia but participants who are 18 years old and older have to prove that they do not pose an infection risk by presenting a COVID certificate stating vaccination or recovery.
  • Provided that the organiser ensures that the infection risk status of all the participants is checked, up to 1000 people may participate indoors and up to 2 000 people outdoors. There is no limit to the number of participants or obligation to check infection risk status at outdoor events that take place on an unrestricted territory. An activity is taking place in an unrestricted territory if it is taking place in nature, in a city neighbourhood or residential area where people are in constant movement and it is not possible to determine a specific location and participants of the event, as random passers-by could also happen into the territory where the event or the activity is taking place.
  • The organisers have an obligation to check the authenticity of the COVID certificates and ascertain the identity of the person presenting the certificate
  • Covid 19 passport rule applies to public meetings and events, including conferences, theatre performances, concerts, cinema screenings, entertainment services, museums, exhibitions, saunas, spas, water parks, and swimming pools. These limits also cover education, sports, trainings, youth work, hobby activities and education, refresher training and courses, and the organization of sports competitions and sports and fitness events.COVID certificates are not required in shopping centers or stores, or when buying takeaway from a restaurant or café, but masks must be worn in these places.
  • Public events and activities must end no later than 23:00
  • Anyone who has been vaccinated abroad can prove they have been vaccinated by presenting a vaccine passport, a copy of the passport, or an officially verified excerpt from a database in a foreign country. The document must be in the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet and in Estonian, Russian, or English and must contain the following information:
    • The disease against which the individual was vaccinated
    • The date of immunization
    • The brand name of the vaccine
    • The number of doses administered
    •  Information on the certificate issuer (i.e. the CDC)

Further information:

Face Masks

  • Face masks must be worn on all controlled indoor activities and locations. The obligation to wear a mask applies to everyone who is at least 12 years old.
  • The obligation to wear a mask will apply to the following indoor spaces and activities: adult recreational activities and education, continuing professional training and refresher training, conferences, theatres, concerts and cinemas, entertainment services, museums, exhibitions and public spaces in restaurants. Masks must also be worn during public meetings and other events taking place indoors.

Event Catering

There is not any special requirement for event catering in Estonia. Events must end by 23.00

Accommodation Facilities 

Hotels are are open. A proof of COVID certificate of vaccination status or evidence of having recovered from the coronavirus is required when using spa facilities, restaurants etc.

Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants, bars, cafes, and other catering establishments are open for indoor and outdoor dining with a dispersal requirement. To eat on the premises of restaurants, cafes and other public catering establishments, people over the age of 18 have to present a valid COVID certificate proving vaccination or recovery from the disease. All guests 12 years of age and older must wear a mask if the nature of the activity allows.COVID certificates are not required when buying takeaway from a restaurant or café, but masks must be worn then.

Restaurants can be open until 23.00

Shops, supermarkets, shopping centers

Stores are open and must ensure that people maintain a reasonable distance indoors. COVID certificates are not required in shopping centers or stores, or when buying takeaway from a restaurant or café, but masks must be worn in these places.

No Social Distancing Rule  

There is no exact social distancing rule in place in Estonia. However, a dispersion requirement is in effect in all indoor public spaces requiring individuals to maintain a reasonable distance from one another.

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