Sailing on Tallinn Bay

Kestvus 2 tundi

Tallinn looks stunning from any angle, but there’s really nothing like the view of the city you’ll get from the deck of a luxury yacht cruising the bay. Imagine sipping champagne and watching the sunlight sparkling on the water with the medieval towers of Old Town rising in the background. Touring by sea also provides unforgettable looks at coastal curiosities and beauty spots like the historic ports, the Seaplane Harbour and its museum ships, the Pirita forest and monastery, and the Patarei fortress.

There are various options for groups who want to wrap up their conference day with a relaxing sail along the shoreline. Trips typically last 2 to 3 hours and can include drinks and snacks as well as other add-ons like musical accompaniment and professional photography. In some cases, crews can teach the passengers a few sailing tricks and entertain them with stories of Tallinn’s maritime past.

On-board meetings, swimming breaks and dinners in land-based restaurants are some of the additional possibilities. Individual operators will give you specifics about the extras they provide.

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