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9 Venues to Hold a Memorable Event in Tartu

Tartu, a city in South of Estonia, has been awarded as one of the best environments to live in by LivCom Awards. The true diversity of Tartu shines through in the variety of events that can be held here. This city is unique and just the right size to offer any conference organizer plenty of opportunities. After a long day of panels Tartu is perfect for walking around. Be it wandering the picturesque riverside or sharing experience with fellow conference goers, Tartu will remain in everyone’s hearts. All you need to do is find the perfect location for your conference!

Lodjakoda – the Barge Complex

Located near the city centre and surrounded by nature, Lodjakoda is one of the most unique locations for events in Tartu. Not so long ago seeing a barge on Emajõgi river in Tartu was becoming ancient history. Barge Complex has revived an integral part of local history and you can see a barge taking shape right there and, of course, you can sail down the river on a barge as well. This unique complex also provides workshops on how to make your own tiny barge or how to become a sailor. 

Capacity: This one of a kind location offers a Seminar Staircase for 40 people. There is a Cinema hall seating 50 people. The Workshop (100 m²) with a stunning river view can fit 70 people. The largest space is the Shipbuilding Hall (330 m²) with great acoustics and it can hold 250 people in winter. In summer with movable walls you can be more flexible with the space. The Lodjakoja Hall (280 m²) and the amphitheatre with a floating platform in front of it give even more interesting opportunities for outdoor events. Naturally, there is also a sauna. It can comfortably fit about 15 people in its anteroom. 

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The Estonian National Museum – ERM

The Estonian National Museum (ERM) is Estonia’s largest museum with 6000 m² of gallery space and multiple multifunktional halls. It’s a perfect and easily adaptable location for any event. The different and fascinating exhibitions of the museum provide talking points and give great insight into Estonian history and Estonians. 

Capacity: Conference Hall, seating 250 people, is easy to adapt into a concert or a cinema hall. There are several smaller seminar rooms that can be used for side panels and group assignments. For a more artistic approach try the 200 seat black box Theatre Hall that can be arranged just the way you need. Larger receptions can be held at the museum’s “Bridge Area” – a gorgeous open area that fits a 1000 people standing and 600 seated. 

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The Gunpowder Cellar

And now, for something completely different – the Gunpowder Cellar. Located right at the heart of Tartu, the Gunpowder Cellar was used up until 1809 for ammunition storage. This popular and legendary restaurant in Tartu is filled with local history. Schramm Chamber or Catherine’s Room have the original arched ceiling and a rustic interior decoration, thus providing your event with a truly unique vibe. 

Capacity: The whole Gunpowder Cellar restaurant fits 300 people. There are smaller rooms that are rented out fitting 30 or 25 people. 

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The Science Centre AHHAA

The Science Centre AHHAA is the largest science and education centre in the Baltics and aims to bring the joy of discovery to all ages. AHHAA is a surprising and memorable location for conferences and gala dinners with a maximum capacity of about 1000 people. Naturally AHHAA is a great location for virtual or hybrid events. 

Capacity: Hall of Technology – the main science centre building fits 700 guests or 200 when seated at tables. Lektoorium is AHHAA’s conference hall that can seat up to 150 people and the smaller seminar room Apollo can seat up to 50 people.  

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Comb Factory – Kammivabrik

The Comb Factory, believe it or not, used to make brushes, combs, toothbrushes, etc. The manufacturing has stopped long ago and the facilities have been converted into spectacular event spaces. Kammivabrik offers two locations: the Clubhouse and the Factory. The Clubhouse provides space on two floors for up to 400 people. For larger events the Factory, with an industrial bactrop, easily fits 1500 guests. A true cherry on top? There is also a vintage car collection in the main factory area. 

Capacity: The Clubhouse has two separate halls. On the ground floor there is the Vikero Hall seating up to 100 people and on the second floor is the larger Kannel Hall seating 280 people theatre style. Depending on the nature of the event and your preferred set-up, the Factory provides a space for 1500 people. 

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Tartu Nature House

Tartu Nature House is Tartu’s Environmental Education Centre. Their aim is to educate and lead people towards sustainable lifestyle and to promote environmentally friendly way of life in Estonia. Located in the heart of Tartu and surrounded by a park, the Nature House provides a peaceful green oasis in the middle of the city. This is a great location for any eco-friendly or nature themed event. 

Capacity: The bright and spacious Auditorium on the ground floor can fit, depending on the layout, a maximum of 120 people. It can also be sectioned into smaller rooms with a screen. Tartu Nature House also has smaller rooms for workshops and seminars of all sizes, fitting 15 to 40 people. 

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Vanemuine Concert Hall

Vanemuine is Tartu’s most known and loved theatre and concert space. What many don’t know is that Vanemuine is also a modern, state of the art conference centre. The Concert Hall’s unique seating mechanisms allow you rearrange the space playfully and just the way you need it. You can turn the seemingly conservative space into something befitting a pop concert or a jazz hall, or maybe a banquet or a conference instead. 

Capacity: The Big Hall seats 850 people theatre style, with floor space of 400 m². There are three smaller seminar rooms that fit 60, 80 and 100 people in theatre style as well. 

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The White Hall of the University of Tartu Museum

The White Hall of the University of Tartu Museum is located in the historic ruins of Tartu Cathedral. This historic venue is partially reconstructed and partially still ruins. The Museum introduces the history of Tartu University and of higher education in the region since the 17th century. The White Hall on the third floor of the museum is one of the most prestigious and grand locations in Tartu, making it an ideal venue for black-tie events. 

Capacity: The White Hall fits 300 people standing and seats 100. In summer a larger event can be held in the open air of the Cathedral ruins. 

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Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager