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12 Awesome Activities in Pärnu in Summer 2021

If you are looking for a conference event or team building activity that is a little different, yet loads of fun for everyone, then Pärnu, Estonia’s prime spa resort town on southwest coast, is the way to go! There is a great choice of activities in and around the city in picturesque settings to provide with unique shared experiences that will bond your team for years to come.Let us share a handful of best activities what to do in Pärnu and nearby!

Relaxed guided cycling tour around Pärnu

Best way to get to know Pärnu – pedaling through the charming old town, hidden yards, beach parks and promenades, passing coastal meadow hiking trail, watching urban cows and enjoyinga few pitstops on the way.

Surf Club Activities

Beachfront Aloha is one of the most respected surf clubs in Estonia and can arrange all varieties of water-related fun. Aloha offers lessons in windsurfing, kitesurfing, skimboarding, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and rents out equipment like kayaks. And if you are looking for a bit of lunch or an evening meal after the lessons, then we can arrange your own private BBQ.

SUP Trips on Pärnu River

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) – there is something magical about this simple way of navigating the water.
Unlike other water sports that require hours of practice, standup paddleboarding is easy and incredibly fun. It is suitable for both men and women, young and old, families, athletes, and office workers.
The Pärnu River offers incredible experiences for paddleboarding. The tour can either start in Sindi or at the Reiu bridge and ends in about 2 hours at the Aloha on Tour River Centre. Try it – downstream river trips are a hit this summer!

Sunset Sailing Trip on Pärnu Bay

Finish your day with a relaxing sail into the sunset- imagine this special moment, relaxing on the deck with friends and loved-ones, sipping your drink and waiting for the sun to slowly sink behind the horizon.

Heart-stopping, exhilarating and unforgettable driving experience

Thrillseekers can test their nerves on the Porsche ring motor racing circuit – the most modern racing circuit in the Nordics  – where participants can take high-speed laps in sports cars, learn to drift in a drift taxi and even put the pedal to the metal in an Formula 1!  The Racing Car Experience is an ideal way to feel like a real racing driver– an experience your team or guests won’t never forget. Porsche Ring is the only permanent racing circuit in Estonia for cars and motorcycles, and the only track that has a FIA Grade 4 license in the Baltics. The complex includes a rallycross track, off-road track, and more

Prison Escape – brilliant escape game

Best place to pump up your adrenaline – The old Soviet prison in Pärnu has been turned into an escape room after the jail closed in 2007. This escape complex is so big that up to 24 people are needed to play the three-hour long game. The rooms are full of puzzles constructed from the prison’s most psychotic prisoners. Escaping from the depths of this real prison is a sure-fire way to get your adrenaline pumping. Located within walking distance from central Pärnu,  the biggest escape rooms complex in Northen and Eastern Europe.

Golfing in Pärnu

Spending a relaxing day on the green is made easy by Pärnu’s nearby golf courses.

Pärnu Bay Golf Links, is often considered one of the most amazing links courses in Northern Europe. Actually, it has even been included in the top 100 golf courses in the world in 2020 list.

Taking inspiration from a ball on a tee, the architects have created the ultimate in links course clubhouses. A top the highest point on the course, the glass-walled restaurant offers a breathtaking 360-degree view – diners may enjoy the sea, forest, or golf course, or all three with just a turn of the head. The panoramic terrace is ideal for drinks and dining, or for an unparalleled view the first shots and finish of any tournament.

White Beach Golfan 18-hole golf course located near Valgerand (White Beach) is also among Estonia’s top 3 golf courses. The 84-hectare area includes greens, wide fairways and a total of about 19 hectares of water obstacles. The links-type course is perfect for any golfer.

Morning Run

For those who enjoy getting up really early set up a morning run to explore the city. A healthy dose of fresh air and exercise in the form of a brisk morning run is a fantastic way to start off any conference day.

Yoga on the Beach or in the Park

While having a meeting in Pärnu, you can offer your guests a fantastic opportunity to start their day with a yoga session on the beach or in the park. According to studies, exercising outdoors in nature – especially near water – helps ease stress, tension, anger and depression, and can increase happiness, satisfaction and energy. The benefits of exercising last longer when it’s done out in nature because fresh air means the body receives a healthy supply of oxygen. Even five or 10 minutes of daily physical activity outdoors is said to make a big difference in improving our well-being. As the Yoga pictures will be prettier also, your delegates can turn their friends green with envy on Instagram with a cool pic of them doing a yoga pose with a stunning beach sunset in the background. There are several yoga teachers able to conduct yoga classes in English as well. All that is required is a quiet space where your conference delegates will have a little room to move. See more at Visit Pärnu’s web site.

Craft Cider Tasting Tours

Cider tasting is a real treat at any time of year. There are several independent cider producers in Pärnu county catering for all kinds of groups and  happy to tailor the event to you. Visit either Jaanihanso Cider House or Tori Cider Farm and learn all about how cider is made and try some of favourites from the shelves and cellars. On a visit, you can meet the cider makers, walk around the organic farms, taste limited-run styles, and learn all the nitty-gritty behind this operation that’s a true labor of love.

Idyllic picnic in Ammende Villa’s Garden

Villa Ammende is one of the best examples of the early Art Nouveau style in Estonia. The building was designed and built by F. Mieritz and J. Gerassimov from St. Petersburg. The grand villa with a large garden was built in 1905 and belonged to the Ammende family. The villa has now been turned into a luxurious hotel and restaurant. As there are few things more relaxing than a nice picnic, Villa Ammende has prepared a picnic basket package to be enjoyed  in their gardens.

Fatbike tour in the sand dunes of Pärnu beach

Fatbike is a mountain bike with thick tires which makes it possible to ride practically anywhere. Fatbikes can go through deep water, sand, and mud; and they can climb up mountains and rocks. Fatbikes offer a totally unique experience and make it possible to discover the beautiful nature in a whole new way.

You will start the tour from Aloha Surf Club and ride to discover the coastal sites of Pärnu Bay with a guide, who will show you places that tourists usually do not get to see. You will also go to places that cannot be reached by car or on foot. The tour does not require intense physical preparation because fatbikes are suitable for everyone.

Visit Kihnu – the island where women rule the world

For an unforgettable cultural experience, arrange a trip to nearby Kihnu island, where the centuries-old traditions and general atmosphere have been wonderfully preserved since the days when this was the domain of seafarers, fishermen and seal hunters.There is a saying in Estonia “Tough island woman” and nowhere is this more true than on Kihnu. Men went off to fish, to hunt seals, or to work on mainland and one never knew if they were coming back. Women stayed on the island and took care of everyday errands– doing all the farm work, fishing when needed, and making the handicraft. On Kihnu women have carried the traditions for centuries and they lead the community to this day. Kihnu’s cultural space has been on UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2003.

In addition:

Getting to Pärnu is quick and easy. The city sits roughly halfway between Tallinn and Latvia’s capital Riga. For meeting rooms and accommodation there is plenty of high quality hotels to choose from, see more information at web site.

Our experienced DMCs can tailor team building events to meet precise requirements or can suggest activities to suit your brief. So if you want something a bit different for your corporate day out, then just contact us with your anticipated dates and numbers and you can be sure your staff or guests will thank you for it


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager