12 Top Team Building Activities in Estonia by Hype

Hype event planning agency  is home to one of the largest portfolios of Team Building offerings in Estonia. They class themselves as experts in delivering a high quality of Indoor, Outdoor, Evening and Virtual Team Building packages – that offer both great value, but also return on investment – leaving teams feeling more cohesive and unified.

Experiences and emotions bring people together – both for new and starting teams as well as already existing ones that need a bit of freshening. While it is important to have a sense of the “bigger picture”, taking a team perspective gives an advantage for more personal content and more direct impact. Hype is an established marketing and event company that has been the trusted partner of hundreds of corporations

Here’s  the top team-building activities and event ideas Hype suggests for bringing people in teams together in Estonia:


Exclusive access to Estonian National football stadium A. Le Coq Arena + personal training with the National League players

This activity is not only physically refreshing but there are many skills to learn from team sports in terms of team spirit, dynamics, responsibilities division etc. The location A. Le Coq Arena is a world class football arena that has hosted a number of Premium League games.


Movie stunts workshop

A fun and interactive way to visualise a creation process, from idea to execution to creative results. This workshop is full of explosions, flames and good old movie magic adrenaline.

Sea rescue training (theory + practice)

Pirita yacht-harbour and Haven Kakumäe are the best locations for hands-on sea rescue training. The training touches upon the equipment, theoretical insights as well as practical exercises in the water. Key takeaway – by staying together we will survive!


Firefighter training (theory + practice)

This workshop offers a possibility to take a look into the workday of a professional firefighter with an actual brigade introducing their equipment, uniforms etc. Practical skills are learnt through team exercises and challenges.


Non-alco craft beer training + tasting

The world of craft beer is becoming more and more diverse and doing so in a rapid pace. A non-alco craft beer training + tasting offers a chance for the group to broaden their knowledge, discuss and express opinions and do so in a cozy setting. The trainers for this workshop are the best in Estonia, world recognised barmen from Butterfly Cocktail catering.


Raceday at certified Porsche racetrack in Audru

In August 2021 Estonia welcomed its own official Porsche racetrack “Porsche Ring” in Audru, South-West of Estonia. This gives a unique opportunity to spend an exiting day with colleagues, taking a few faster rounds on the track as well as learning quite a few key takeaways for professional life as well. NB! Work smart not just fast.

Build a boat

The aim of this workshop is simple – win a boat race! In order to do that, however, the team has to first sketch a draft, think through the building process, execute tasks to obtain building materials and finally build the boat. Keeping in mind not only the functionality but the design as well. This workshop can be modified from 2 hours to an entire day, based on the group’s needs.

Customised hikes in stunning Estonian nature, throughout the year

Estonia is a unique country where you can experience pure nature just a few kilometres from the city boarder. Stunning hikes to bogs, seaside, lakes etc. can be filled with additional unique catering experiences, different tasks and survival skills workshops, bird watching, photography training and so much more.

Boat ride 

Tallinn is the main harbour city in Estonia, welcoming both international cruise ships as well as accommodating a number of yachts and sailboats. An incredible way to spend a team event is by going on a boat ride in the lovely Tallinn Bay or for example visiting the nearby islands (Naissaar, Aegna, Prangli etc.). The boat rides can be filled up with informational presentations as well as entertainment or team building exercises.

Zero waste cooking class

Enjoy a fun and insightful team building with your team at a zero waste cooking class. This is a style of preparing a meal with generating as little waste as possible. The team is encouraged to think outside of the box as well as broaden their beliefs and gain new knowledge. This best location for this workshop is Estonia’s first zero waste restaurant, Fotografiska restaurant.

Support local

A novel and unique way to spend a team building event – by giving back to the community, literally! This concept first starts with choosing a region or community, engaging with the locals and mapping their worries and needs. The team then comes together and lends a helping hand – painting the park benches, cleaning the beachfront, helping elders with daily chores etc. This activity gives a whole new dimension to “conventional” team building events and exercises.


There are many people around us who are unique and special in some way. This doesn’t have to entail a specific field of work or profession, rather than interesting and intriguing life experiences and choices. It is these kinds of people and their stories that tend to influence us most. Balancing an active and fun team building event with a special guest speaker is a good idea to take into consideration. Some suggestions include: Jaan Aru (neuroscientist and author), Tiina Lokk (founder of Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF), Mart Noormaa (physic, space-engineer), Kristjan Järvi (world recognised orchestra conductor) and many many more.


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