The Environmental Education Center in the Zoo

The Environmental Education Center in the Zoo provides possibilities to organize conferences, seminars, training and meetings. In addition we can provide you more value to your event with a zoo tour or thematic lectures or other interesting programs. For bigger events, such as conferences and seminars, our spacious auditorium together with the smaller classrooms can all be booked  together as well. Center lobby is also an excellent space for exhibitions and gala receptions.


227 m²

Fits  149 class style

EDC Auditorium is a functional space for various cultural events and conferences. Lectern, microphones, speakers, sound mixer, video switch, projector, screen and other necessary event technical items are provided. In addition to the regular conference technique the auditorium fits also for movies and concerts.


277 m². The lobby is an alterable space for exhibitions, gala receptions, children’s Christmas parties and seminar caterings.

Class rooms

Lynx, Bear and Wolf class rooms, size 38 m² and fits 16 people class style.

Beaver class, size 49 m², fits 24 people

Computer class, size 54 m², fits 20 people

Living Nature class, size 77 m². The Living Nature class is a unique seminar room, where the class residents can take part in your meetings – it could be the guinea pigs, degu or a quail. You can also explore other animals, reptiles and amphibians.