Conference Support Scheme by Enterprise Estonia

The national support agency for entrepreneurship, Enterprise Estonia, supports the organization of international conferences in Estonia with 300,000 euros a year. A sum between 15,000 to 30,000 euros can be applied for as support for one conference, added to which will be own financing in the amount of at least 30 percent. The minimum estimated amount of overnight stays by foreign visitors per one conference is 500 in Tallinn or Harju County and 300 outside Tallinn / Harju County. Conferences with a starting time no earlier than four months before the submission of the application and/or which are carried out in the first half of 2023 at the latest. The support measure is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Conference support programme in Tartu city

Tartu, Estonia´s second largest city (population 100,000) located 185 km south of Tallinn,  is considered the capital of Southern Estonia.  Home to the nation´s top university, as well as a number of other institutes, research centres, biotechnology industries and several software companies, Tartu is the Estonia´s main centre of knowledge and study.

Tartu conference funding scheme has been initiated by the City of Tartu in order to raise awareness of Tartu as a world-class conference destination, and to help increase the number of conference participants’ overnight stays in the accommodation establishments in Tartu. The requirements of applying for funding are that the conference is held in Tartu, the total number of overnight stays in the city must amount to a minimum of 200, and the duration of the conference program is at least two consecutive days.

Read more on conditions on Tartu Convention Bureau’s website

Free Public Transportation for Conferences and Events in Tallinn

City of Tallinn offers free public transport for delegates of international events (conferences, cultural and sports events). Public transportation system in Tallinn includes buses, trams and trolleybuses. The conference QR ticket enables participants to make unlimited use of all means of public transport in Tallinn for the entire duration of the event. It also includes the tram line 4 from Tallinn Airport to the city centre. For this initiative, a new free public transport ticket has been developed – the conference QR ticket with a printable QR code and a virtual QR code. The Conference QR Ticket can be fowarded to delegates via e-mail ahead of the event, so they would be able to use the ticket immediately after arriving in Tallinn. The QR code can also be printed on event badges. See the conditions and how to apply at Tallinn Convention Bureau’s website.

Tailor-Made Site Inspections

If you have a specific event in mind for Estonia, but you are not entirely sure which hotel or venue to use we warmly welcome you for an individual site inspection trip to showcase you our meeting rooms, event venues and hotels. We can arrange site inspections entirely based on your wishes. Contact us at your earliest convenience for arrangements!