1.3 million – Estonia is one of the least populous members of the European Union.


Estonian’s official language is Estonian,  which belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group. English, Finnish and Russian are also widely understood and spoken.

Time Zone

Estonia is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT +2 hours.


National currency: 1 Euro = 100 cents. Major credits cards are accepted at hotels, restaurants, shops and all banks.


Calls to Estonia: the country code for Estonia is +372. Calls from Estonia: Calls from Estonia: Dial 00 + the country code + area code + the subscriber’s number.

Free Public Internet

Estonia has become famous for its abundance of free, public Wi-Fi, which is available in nearly every café, restaurant, hotel and hostel, as well in open spaces such as city squares and parks.


Estonia is a part of the Schengen visa area. Nationals of EU are free to enter Estonia. The required travel document for entry is a national ID card or passport.

For more specific information, please contact the nearest Estonian consulate or embassy, or check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website.


The electricity supply in Estonia is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. European-style 2-pin plugs are in use.

Shopping Hours

Department stores and shopping centres are open between 9.00 /10.00 and 21.00 from Monday to Sunday. Smaller shops are usually open from 10.00 until 19.00 on weekdays and on weekends.


Tipping is not required in Estonia, and a tip will not be included in the bill at most restaurants, but if you’re happy with your waiter’s service, a 10% tip is polite. When paying by card, do keep in mind that it’s not usually possible to add a tip electronically, so a bit of cash comes in handy.

Getting Here

Estonia is conveniently accessible by airplane, ferry, car or bus. The main international airport – Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport – has direct air links to numerous cities and is located only 4 km from the Tallinn city centre. There is a tram and bus service to the city center. Flight schedules, airport information can be found at  http://www.tallinn-airport.ee/en  or ph.+372 605 8888

Flight times to Tallinn from European destinations: 

Helsinki 0,5 h
Riga 1 h
Stockholm 1 h
Copenhagen 1,5 h
Moscow 1,5 h
Oslo 1,5 hours
Brussels 2,5 h
Amsterdam 2,5 h
Frankfurt 2,5 h
London 3 h
Paris 3 h

Getting here by ferry

There is also frequent ferry connection between Tallinn and Helsinki (Finland) and the ferry takes 2 hours. Ferries also link Tallinn to Stockholm (overnight ferry). Main ferry companies are Tallink , Eckerö Line and Viking Line. Passenger information at the harbour: http://www.portoftallinn.com/ or ph. +372 631 8550.

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