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Wonderful & Fun Winter Activities in Estonia

Stunning Estonian winters always attract a crowd of appreciative admirers. The charm of Tallinn Old Town’s Christmas Market is renowned throughout Europe and further afield.

Locals and tourists alike love heading out to the national parks and scenic hotspots to enjoy activities in the crisp, country air. From frozen waterfalls to snow-covered forests, the Estonian winter landscape inspires a wealth of exciting activities. With so many wonderful and fun winter experiences, why not add a social programme to conferences taking place in winter time in Estonia.

Ever fancied skating on a frozen swamp?

Tour skating is long distance ice skating that takes place on bodies of natural ice. Particularly popular in Nordic countries, it usually involves tours over open ice on lakes or the sea. In the case of Estonia however, visitors can enjoy the even more unique opportunity of ice skating on frozen bogs – definitely one of the coolest winter activities on offer!

The crystal clear ice and stunning landscapes offer skaters an enviable winter wonderland experience. The bog water is pure and doesn’t contain mineral deposits. As such, these bodies of water are the first to freeze. Bog ice skating is a uniquely Estonian activity, taking you to places far off the beaten track.

Light and comfortable, Nordic ice skates are fitted to your own hiking boots. The blades of these skates are longer than conventional ones, offering enhanced stability and speed throughout your chosen tour’s duration. Tours usually take about three hours and wild ice skating is weather dependent. If the conditions are good however, make sure you get your skates on!

Learn how to ski, cross-country style

Cross-country skiing is a type of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to traverse snow-covered terrain. Visitors can enjoy short courses in cross-country skiing, enabling them to experience Estonia on skis. Guided cross-country skiing trips take in spectacular scenery from swamps to forests and floodplains. Skiers can spot wild animal tracks in the unspoilt snow. What better way to unwind after a wintry adventure than with a relaxing spell in the sauna or an hour or two in the hot tub?

Experience Estonia’s Ice Roads

An ice road is a winter road that runs on a naturally frozen water surface in cold regions. Estonia is one of only five countries in the world that officially open ice roads. During a sufficiently cold winter, more than 80 km of ice roads can be opened and Estonia boasts an impressive seven in total. While ice roads make life easier for the locals and are not considered to be a tourist attraction, they do garner great interest from visitors. What may be run of the mill to local road users certainly seems exciting to outsiders. Taking a trip on an ice road provides a unique and unforgettable travel experience, but remember to keep your foot off the brake!

Enjoy the seasonal spirit of Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town is full of festive charm during the winter months. Why not cradle a warming cup of mulled wine at the city’s magical Christmas Market? Glögg is an essential part of Christmas in Estonia. Enjoy a good glug of this spicy beverage and its accompanying alcohol-infused fruit and nuts. Head to Town Hall Square for a walk around the market. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped foot in a fairy tale. Tallinn Christmas Market opens on 17th November this year, with the festive fun lasting until 6th January 2018. A tall Christmas tree takes centre stage, surrounded by stalls shining with lights selling Christmas delicacies and folk craft products.

Cut down your own Christmas tree

In December, the State Forest Management Centre will be organising spruce trips to state forests, allowing everyone to take home their perfect Christmas tree. These supervised spruce trips will also offer the option of taking the tree home on your own. Visit one of the many forest locations across Estonia with friends or family and pick your perfect Christmas tree. What better way to stimulate some Christmas spirit!

Give kick-sledging a go!

Kick-sledging is a wonderful way to enjoy some Estonian winter fun. The small sledge is propelled by kicking the ground with your foot. A fun and easy activity, kick-sledging offers an exhilarating way to experience Estonia’s winter environment. From ice-covered rivers to forest sleigh paths, the distance and duration of the trip depends on the participants’ wishes.

Strap on some snowshoes

Snowshoeing or bog walking in winter is another fun and accessible activity. These broad platform shoes help you to stay near the surface of the snow and enable you to enjoy Estonia’s winter whatever the weather. From brown bears to wild boars, discover animal tracks in the snow and see what wildlife you can spot. Just a short drive from Tallinn and you can immerse yourself in an Estonian winter wonderland.

So if you’re looking for conference venue with the opportunity to embrace some wonderful and fun winter activities, contact us and we’ll be happy to find the perfect location to host your next business conference in Estonia.

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