Daytrip to the Onion Route

Just 40 km from Tartu, the famous Onion Route is located. It’s actually a 30-kilometre-or-so stretch of road spanning the southern coast of  the beautiful Lake Peipus, inhabited by Russian Old Believers who are famed for growing beautiful golden onions.  This tour is a great opportunity to learn about local culture, traditions and craft ( Exhibition “Samovars and Old Believers”Kolkja Museum of Old BelieversGallery Voronja). This tour focuses on the area’s unique community of Russian Orthodox Old Believers, while also introducing the era of German barons and facets of Estonian cultural history.  The tour  usually includes a visit to the Old Believers’ Church and Museum as well as the museum of the famous Estonian poet Juhan Liiv.

Examples of activities offered:

  • handicraft workshops
  • cooking classes
  • heritage tours
  • learn archery
  • conquer the lake with a narrow boat or under sails
  • cover village streets or landscapes on scooters or kick sledges
  • photography workshops
  • the Onion Route on bicycle (summer)