Explore Tartu’s Street Art

Tartu stands out more and more for its flourishing street art scene and highly promising alternative culture. Likely to hide a surprise behind each corner, Tartu offers a lot more during an evening stroll than an average urban landscape does.Wandering through the cozy-looking wooded neighborhoods, one may encounter more than classical urban art usually offers. A remarkable environment is created by mixture of graffiti, narrative stencil art and decorations fabricated by the locals. Tartu Street Art Tours takes people through the streets of Tartu and shows them who the artists of the street works are, what technical aspects are involved in spray painting, stencil art, and paste-ups. Your guide will share stories of how the paintings appeared, who are the artists who painted them and what stories are hidden behind the artworks

For additional information, please see: https://www.pseudotours.com/en/tours-in-tartu/


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